Friday, October 06, 2006

The Return Of Buttercup

Summary of my holiday :

1) Met some friends, had lunch, dinner and so on together. Not bad!
2) Did helped out at home.
3) In total, I fried 8 eggs.
4) I've learnt new things in Tai Chi and San Shou.
5) Study :None
6) Waste time : Distinction in wasting time.
7) Ultimate goal in this holiday, DotA, and I did play a lot of games around.

Yesterday night, my dad told me how to cook soup. So I prepared everything before I went to bed. I woke up at 5 am to cook it and guess what? The main material I prepared wrongly and all my effort just went off.. T_T

You might ask, "Why do you have to wake up so early in the morning just to cook the soup?" Well, here's the answer:

1st: I got a date with Kam, Tiong Soon and Cow(TomM-KrUise, you-know-who) at 8am.
2nd: Botanic can hardly have any access to public transport, especially when it is around 7 in
the morning.

So, what kind of business the 4 of us were doing that time? Simple, DotA. Initially, we only planned for 5 hours. Later, we add-on and made it a TEN-HOURS-DOTA-MARATHON. Yes you read me right.. Of course, there were little breaks in the intervals... And now that plus on with that stupid haze from our "friendly-neighbourhood", Indonesia, my eyes are now sore and pain... And, that lead to one conclusion, I'm sleeping now! Chaoz!

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