Monday, October 30, 2006

Love Is In The Air.... Don't You Think So?

There so much I want to tell you guys out there. First of all, my HEAVENOFBROKENENGLISH was unable to be viewed for a long time, and it's finally come back to "live". I hereby, would like to thank panther, who cared to reply me in Blogger Help Group, and also Sim Mei, BZ, and Jun Xue(I think, LOL) for listening to me crapping about MY stupid blog. And also, to JX, they might cancelled the whole demo from UTAR TKD. Dunno why. But never mind. Here's the main discussion --- confession of mine down here!

Now, I am about to tell you guys that, I'm in love. This time, a real love. I don't wish to lose her at all. I hope not to lose her anyhow, anyway. I'm working my very best now, to get her. She is the most beautiful girl I ever saw. She is so class-sy, so elegant, so beautiful, so amazing, so everything. She has stole my heart. I'm in love with her now. I really will do my best, to get her to my side, and stay with her, for the next three years. I would like to jump into her, where she can hug me entirely, endlessly. We can play whole day long, as long as I'm free and I have the stamina.

I would, invite people to come and have a good and thorough look at her, let them feel the jealousy which I'm so proud of. I never want to miss this chance, the chance that I can hardly get in my life. Maybe it's once, the only once, in my life-time. If I really get the chance to be with her, I'll never feel regret in my life. There are too much for me to tell you guys, how much I love her. I might really cry if I fail to get her. Please everyone, pray for me. You guys don't want to see a couple, just break up like that, aren't you?

Not to let you all disappointed, I hereby enclosed her pictures and please enjoy her as your "eye-candy".

See... My Darling. Just feel like jumping into her.

Can you imagine how class-sy is she?

Just see how elegant is she. I'm so loved...

Haha... Ok now. Her name is Platinum Hill, in Taman Melati. That day when 10 of us went out to find our new accommodation in Setapak, we have different ideas and opinions on many different houses and apartments, but once we all saw her, that's it. None of us DISAGREE not to stay there. NONE. Maybe you didn't get a good glance at her here on the pictures, but, I assure you, when you are there, standing in her, you'll know why I fall in love with her. The atmosphere is just irresistable.

All I have to do now is to, get to find the owners faster. Get a good cheap rate (which is around RM 1300, hopefully can get RM 1100, for a 1300sq.ft. condo) and bump into her real soon. May me dream come true.



Anonymous said...

LOVE ny ass la... well u`ll get it... i think haha all the best hehe

Jun Xue said...

Hahahha Ireally thought you were in love in a girl in the begining.. tak guna.. gahahhahah!

So you gonna stay there with 9 others for one whole year? waahh.. got gal or not?

But it does seem beautifull in the pictures.. ahhahah

haha finally you get to blog again.. good good.. hahahah!

buttercup said...

today one of them suddenly voiced out tht he/they might re-considering about staying there. sob.

to anonymous:-
haha.. well.. this time i really can't guess which anonymous is which anonymous d... but nvm.. i think i'll still get her..

to jx:-
hahah... basically we planning 8 persons per unit lo... should be got gals.. cos the gals will make sure the house is clean.. gagagagagaga! welcome to my blog again!!!!haha!

lw said...

good luck with your new love.. i mean place! :)

woan said...

hey hey....congratulation fall in love !!! hehe...hope you can stay there la..then i can go to find you when i am boring lo...

buttermug said...

guess who?...oh platinum hill..never knew such a place existed but i've heard that melati is a nice place...go get HER so i can go swimming!!!...LOL

buttercup said...

to lw n woan:-

haha... tx ya.. hope i can be with her for sure... this friday meeting the parent* to discuss about the rental... hehe

to buttermug (-_-*):-
hey.. siapa tu cetak rompak ar? hahahaha.. well indeed, it's really nice place. haha.. wanna "play" with her ar? pay me first!! LOL.. jk jk..

Anonymous said...

ok, my first comment 4 ur blog. When i first read ur 'love is in the air', i really thought that u'r in love with a girl. Eventually, it proved me wrong later. So i would like 2 conclude that u'r a good 'story teller'. Thats all for now!
I have to choose anonymous because i'm not a blogger.
Donovan Lee

butterplate said...

lol, omg this is so funny, the nick names

buttercup said...

to Don:-
LOL... tx for visiting!!! haha... you are not the only one.. dun worry.. haha!!! gambade and keep in touch ya!

to butterplate:-
hey hey... will there be errr... butterbowl, butterfork, butterspoon, butterapron, butterknife and etc??? LOLz! Really funny la! haha!!

Esther said...

cheh.. i tot really one. was expecting to see her picture at the bottome of the page or something mana tau.. swimming pool. one human pun takde.

btw, what's with this butter-nicks?!

kinwai said...

Babi botak u're gonna get 2 blessings from me here.

Blardy shit ass in the tiny brain of yours i thought after such a long time u changed and made up your mind ady!! Babi.... So u finally gave the girl up ady la? Watver it is, i gotta respect your decision.

Blardy cock sucking ass licking dumb-nut u thank so many ppl for replying your blogs but me??? like damn...... botak.... U treating me like this la botak...

See la i'm gonna kick your bloody butt when i get back

buttercup said...

to esther:-

LOL... ppl screwed me for the same thing!! haha.. about tht butter-nick.. i got no idea at all!!! you tell me!! haha!

to kinwai:-

Haha... it was a thank to the particular blog.LOL...paiseh.. of cos i really appreciate you guys who cared to drop by and read my blog. appreciate it very much. haha.. yeah i "drop" tht gal but i found a new one for myself. good rite?

buttermug said...

eh peeps don't butterplate, butterbowl all ok...buttermug is who i am so please respect me...LOL...anyway, kenny, please do take good care because being a leader is a great task filled with tremendous responsibility especially in managing the funds and rentals...may peace be with you always, my friend

buttercup said...

sob... i know la buttermug is much BIGGER than buttercup... *sniff *sniff.... but really so so so funny... haha.. and i think i know who is buttermug d... hehe... "sister".. if i'm not mistaken.

buttermug said...

"sister"?'ve got the wrong "sister" my friend...LOL...anyway just take care la...don't bother too much about the's nothing seriously, because you're BUTTERCUP...and no one is able to out-mug or out-bowl or out-whatever you...but i'll stick to this nick from now on...good day!

buttercup said...

to buttermug:-
haha... then, shall i say welcome to the butter-family? LOLz... tell la who you are.. haha... but if u wanna remain anonymous then it's find k? hehe.. just wanna know who's d angel (male/female) here.. hehe.. gambade ya!

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