Sunday, October 01, 2006


Almost a week plus if I'm not mistaken that I MIA... Thanks to the PC at home kena virus and I can't go online!!! Luckily I didn't terminte the Internet service in my hostel... Or else, I'll have to pay another 50 to 80 bucks to re-open the line again.

These few days were not bad... DotA a lot, of course, fed a lot to other people... I'm still noob. AND, these few weeks are really tiring... Especially during training, intensive type... Grading next Sunday and it's scary!!!! And I heard that their sparring(in San Shou), the more aggresive you are, the higher marks you'll get. O_o||| Can you imagine that? I got one senior who K.O-ed his opponent in one punch and one kick. That's all. K.O.

Well, thank God that my time for sparring event is still at least 8 months away. I still got time to train.

Jun Xue! Be strong ya! Remember, our motivation is, to kick Soulreaver's ass... That's our ultimate goal! LoL. Mins, if you happen to read this, don't worry k? Use your Tai Chi and whack us all!

Till then, signing off.


nicevil said...

You sure you're taking martial arts classes for self defense ?

Or do you secretly have a fetish to inflict pain to people.

Well, it's not a secret actually considering the number of times you've mentioned about kicking my beautiful ass.

The chances of getting beaten up, being injured, or losing your balls goes up the roof by trying to learn how to "self defense."

You want to celebrate father's day too, right ? Or is it too late already. AHAHHAhhh !!

Lee Jun Xue said...

Actually.. We do have a fetish.. to inflict pain to idiots.. like you for example, min soon. GAHAHHA

Make sure you train hard min soon. I am looking forward to learning some new stuff from you.

And all the rest of the half life club members..

HOHO I must learn to take hits from ppl.. then can last longer.. gahahaha..

nicevil said...

Kenny u said the more aggresive the more points u get ?

Kick the balls.

Maximum points. :)

buttercup said...

to jx:-
LOL... yeah i think even Ang wanna "learn" something from him. LOL...

to nicevil:-
hey.. guess wat.. kick balls... you got the maximum of the minimum marks.. get wat i mean? or i should say, i shall kick your balls when you come back here... swt....

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