Sunday, October 08, 2006

Something Different

Today morning was my San Shou grading and it's really kinda different from Taekwondo's. Here, they did the pattern singly(inclusive of pole aka stick, dagger and so on), not like Taekwondo, one shot 16 person. They also have something called peer-arranged(something like that) where it is a arranged sparring. Their sparring also scary. Really full body contact. Even if you are 4 or 5 years old kid, there's no pray pray. Fight means fight. If you did not perform well, you FAIL!

And here is something really special, to move up to black belt, you gotta name the pattern that they ask you to perform, perform with pole, and also, FIGHT THE LION WITH POLE. You know LION? The lion in the Lion Dance? Yeap! But this lion is green in colour and there are people who are playing the drums, and other instruments. It's really eye-opening to me, at least.

I would say I didn't perform well enough. A little too fast. Also, I forgotten one step in my Pattern 2. I really wonder how much it'll pull my marks down. Here's another difference. They'll post your marks up in the center and there are positions for it. Highest mark means NUMBER 1, and lowest is last of course, and you'll have a greater chance to fail.

The sparring session was very interesting too. Those fighters, no matter guys or girls, guys vs girls, baby vs elephant, they all fought really well. And one thing I would like to bring the attention of Taekwondo members outside, note that our higher section kicking is really dangerous fighting against them. Once they grab your leg, it's K.O.. Seriously, no pray pray... Unless you are really fast, else, never try to execute higher section kickings.

Well, the result will be released one week from now. God bless me!

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