Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Identity... *Sniff!

Yesterday was a short briefing on how to handle the booth for our Taekwondo Recruitment Drive. At the end of the session, the PIC said this :"Please wear your uniform when you are on duty."


"Please wear your uniform when you are on duty."

Dang!! What is this man? But I won't deny that this is a good idea to attract *passerbys' attentions. It is just that... ... My IDENTITY as a black belt holder will be "unearth" d!!! Jior!

Anyway... Today and tomorrow are the recruiting day. Today, in the one hour plus I duty, I managed to attract 3 people, using my attraction and passion, on my own! LOL! Hope that tomorrow I'll get to attract more people in.

*Got such word???

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