Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Message From Lam Soo Kean

I saw on Friendster's post where Soo Kean left us all who knows her a message. Have a look at it.

"In loving memory of the ever-youthful
Rosline Suki-san;..

These words can;t sum it all but;..

When I die, I want to be remembered as
who made a difference in the lives of people
closest to me. I hope to be remembered as
someone who inspires the people around
me. I
want to leave my legacy of contributing to
society behind upon my last breath. A
caring wife,
passionate about her children and their
someone who possess great and
aura. I want to be described as a woman
emotionally strong within and is truly
sincere in her
speech and deeds, a daughter of obedience
sense of mother-like, an everlasting, loving
who;s supportive and passionate.

I want to die SMILING! Smiling honorably

Soo Kean, although I didn't know you well, your death somehow brings me a kind of sadness. God bless you!


Nicevil said...

Erm. That wasn't written by her though.

If you go to her friendster account you can find her blog.

If you read the blog post you will find that she already knew she had cancer at that point. It was written very well. And it was months before she passed away.

Saddest post I've ever read. :(

buttercup said...

to Mins:-
I've also read her blogs. But this one, like I said, I'm not sure how true is it. Not like someone, posting some funny idiotic stuffs, but still admit tht they are all truth and facts... rite? Lol

Nicevil said...

Admit ?

IT IS the truth.

What do you think those links are for.

I.... never lie.

In my blog. :)

(in real life everybody lies)

buttercup said...

to nicevil:-

really?? haha.. have you drank your pee pee? LOL>..

yeah.. in real life everybody lies... say tht to yourself.. LOL.. hey.. come back here fast! wanna have a "Gathering" for you...

jun xue said...

Hahah I am not sure.. I will check it next time..

but anyway.. yes.. i want to take part in that WARM GATHERING we have prepared for you.

I will start to prepare it for you soon..


I feel like shitting.. and oh i have updated my blog..

buttercup said...

LoL! see mins.. we are all ready to welcome you back warmly with red hot boiling blood. see how good are we?

Anonymous said...

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