Friday, October 13, 2006


Well, it is proven that I am very ATTRACTIVE. Yesterday after I left, the rest only got a few more extra.. Then today I went back to my position, many people joined in!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Know why? Because, today I got to ATTRACT around ten person? And among them got a few LENG LUIS. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

See, I'm not only persuasive but I'm ATTRACTIVE as well. They were all seduced by ME, by MY ATTRACTION.


My apology to all. Please forgive my narcissism of myself.

What a day! LOL! From now onwards, Taekwondo Club in UTAR got more LENG LUIS already lo!!!

Thanks to... Come all follow me shout it out loud :

" Thanks Kenny the Great!"


Jun Xue said...

fuyoh... finally using words like"narcissism "... lol

EH I also want lengluis!


buttercup said...

aiya.. those words i cetak-rompak from ppl's blog one le.. dunno use correctly or not also.. haha.. you wan leng luis? come back malaysia lor...hahah... the blondes there doesn't suits us rite? haha... GAmbadE!

Candy-c said...

oh my goodness kenny!.. self praise until like that...................... hahaha.. still havent change.. ;p

buttercup said...

lol.. someone.. finally no more annonymous.. haha... welcome.. hey... i AM attractive.. LOL.. so many ppl doubt tht huh? hahaha.... jk jk,,, i know la where i stand,, after brad pitt is me ma.. haha..

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