Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Falling Apart

My group seems to be falling apart. We did not choose each other but we just merge like that. It seems to be a big mistake in my life, collaborating with people that I once thought were committed.

During the meeting today, they doesn't seems to be concentrating. NOT AT ALL. I am very dissapointed. They did not prioritise things properly. Putting unnecessary things ahead of the others.

Now, I am really confused and upset, not knowing how to improve the condition. Deadlines are not far ahead and we got two main assignments to compile and to work on. I really wonder how things will go. It's no longer like last time, people knowing what working together is. They just mind their own business. Even during the meeting, they can even called to other people and discussed on stuffs that are not related at all like computers.

WTF is all this? I just don't understand. Yeah, maybe I'm being selfish for not letting them to discuss all that but, I believed and assumed that, they are mature enough to think of that. All I can do now is to, hope and believe in them that, they will wake up real SOON.

People change. Pathetic.


Porcupine said...

I thought you've always been the one to motivate people one?
Lost your touch edi ah?

buttercup said...

LoL.. welcome back porcupine... no la.. recently lack of motivation for myself to take charge.. mayb i felt tired though... how's life there?

smiley said...
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smiley said...

hurm...your group members huh?...i wonder who is it hor?....kenny yeoh you goin to get it !!!!!!!!!! ONE of your group members....zha me la you ...nei hou ye!!!

buttercup said...

dun worry i'm not doin so to you... but the rest of them... we must gambade!

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