Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Came, I See, I Conquer

Finally, after a few hectic days(for now), I can finally sit down and update my blog. More hectic days coming soon FYI.

Well now. We've finally reach a conclusion to take a penthouse. Yes, you read me right, a PENTHOUSE. 8 rooms in a house. Just like normal apartment, this unit has two storeys on its own. With my girlfriend around, hopefully life in Taman Melati won't go far too bad.

So, as expected since the first day, I knew that I'm going to become the PIC of these stuffs. Today, I've handed over the first portion of the deposit, RM500. Monthly rental is RM2500. They require us to pay a total amount of RM 9100, which is inclusive of 2 months deposit, one month rental, RM350 for tenancies agreement, RM 1250 for utility. Yeah, should be something like that.

Now, there are more problems arises as expected. Human. You know what I'm going to say so I'm not going to eleborate too much on that. Some people are too calculative while some people are just too intervert to participate in giving opinions; some are superstitious... OMG! Can you imagine that what kind of people I'm staying with? Haha! Never mind. Sounds like a challenge for me as the leader, again. I'm planning to implement rules which must be obeyed by them as some of them has already agreed with it.

So, it's a penthouse. Big. Luxurious. Spacious - Lots of space for interaction activities. My GF's hugs. So far, the problems, to them, not me, are merely food and transportation to school. I don't think I see any problem will be seen in near future. I strongly believe that things will be resort out and the solutions will be waiting for us. 3 years. Hopefully I have great memories from there...

Oh Oh!!! And leng luis in Platinum Hill. Hope my girlfriend don't mind... LOLz.


Assignments are terrible. Less than 50% of time I have to finish off these. I don't know if my team are capable on doing that but, I trust them. I know that we can do it. We'll stand high among others as well! That's true, but, recently, I'm really exhausted from both sides' tensions. And therefore, I need to rest now.

Sweet dreams peeps... ZzzZzZzzZzzzZ

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