Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ah! My Goddess!

Well people, guess what? People always say that the one who endure the most will get the most in return right? I hope it is always right. Now, just by today, I/we, finally managed to get the last person in to occupy the last single room. I'm done now! Yay! All I have to do is to hope for the best in the future...

Love is in the air.. Don't you think so? Hmmm.. sounds familiar? Hehe... There must a reason why I say it out.... Something that I think I owed everyone. A few good sexy pictures of my darling.

Enjoy ya... :-D

She's messing with other guys lar!!!

See how sexy is she

See how beautiful is she

She took this picture during evening

Hehe... Hope you enjoy watching how nice she is and jealous at me ya! LOLz...


smiley said...

kenny you sicko!!!!

kinwai said...

wah.... ya very sexy indeed. crappy la. surely u'll get a binoc someday. Haha. nay not jealous la. Guess it must be crappy to live wit those ppl.

buttercup said...

to smiley:-

hey.. u share my gf rite?

to kinwai:-

lolz.. hmmm.. great idea huh? y i never thought of gettin one binoc? mayb the military type... haha!
well, actually, i'm being very optimistic, hope tht things turn out to be better. hehe!

buttermug said...

tough times call for great strength...that's why we all mature as we see more of the world because the possibility of facing the harsh realities of life increases...positivity keeps hopes go man!...btw, why do you want a binoc for? peep at other 'girls'?...that is so disloyal to 'her'...

buttercup said...

to buttermug:-

tx for da support buttermug... haha... the binoc = disloyal? but she always mess with other guys and gals.. sob... LOLz..!

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