Sunday, November 05, 2006

The 3s

It has been a while, until now, tagged by Esther.

3 hobbies:
^practising/creating moves for/teaching martial arts
^watch anime(only Naruto)
^Do something challenging, but not always

3 things on my to-do list:
^2 assigments & 2 presentations
^study for finals in 3 weeks' time
^prepare to move out from here to my GF's place

3 unique traits:
^i'm almost never late
^i'm born to lead (che....) and follow as well la.. I'm a good follower ya know?
^I got hair now!

3 favourite drinks:
^Nescafe with CoffeeMate Plus half boiled egg
^plain water

3 passions:
^martial arts
^my GF
^my family

3 awesome movies: (long time din go cinema d)
^LORT Trilogy
^Matrix Trilogy
^any great movies with great fighting scenes

3 good bands:(kinda tough for me)
^Linkin Park aka Fort Minor now, I guess

3 things I'm anal about:
^why isn't there much time for me to study???!
^the current me, a little rotten
^the future housemates(hopefully things turn out positively)

3 random guys: (is this tag for gals? Oh, I'm ButTeRcUp)
^Robbie Williams
^James Blunt
^Jackie Chan

3 bad habits:
^lazy/reluctant to study/ play too much games
^my books are never old

3 painful experience:
^First time in F3
^2nd time in 2006
^*fill in the blank*

3 treasured moments:
^i'm being cared by family, all the time
^time spent with friends altogether
^kicking people's ass

3 goals before 30: (Oh god! Another 10 years to go! Can I make it?)
^A real GF that I can trust and put my life into her?
^I'm a high-ranked officer in some where.
^I'm able to give my family a stable life where my parents can really retire and I get to sponsor
my siblings in studies

3 favourite desserts:
^cakes like tiramisu, those with strong cheesy aroma (drooling d...)
^*fill in the blank*

3 people i tag:
^Amy Chuah
^Jun Xue

Have a nice day peeps!


smiley said... so inspired my your blog i decided to have one also lol...hurm and kind of hook on it d..anyway just drop by to say helo and god bless you

buttercup said...

LoLz... thanks.. and you must gambade ya know!

Jun Xue said...

lol When got time i will post that also.. gambate!!!! Remember to drill hole in the girls toilet and take pictures!!!

buttercup said...

to jx:-

LOLz.. if i were to do tht, probably i won't stand a chance to leave there alive... haha!

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