Monday, November 13, 2006

Brought To You Live At 0515 Hours

I remember, last semester, I posted a blog, saying that I won't stay overnight to do my assignments anymore.

Reality proved me wrong. Why? Simple.

Myself! Laziness! Lack of initiative! Lack of hardworking-ness!!!

Sigh, again, again,and again. I'm always like this, didn't I? Never mind. Let bygone be bygone. We shall look forward into the future right? Hopefully in FES time I won't repeat the same thing again. HOPEFULLY. Or I should say, unavoidable? Haha... Anyway, I'm now in my room, with my roommate, Wei Kuan sleeping nicely in his bed, together with, Ray and Chun Wah, rushing on our assignments. Life's like this isn't it?

Well, gotta go... Till then.


Nicevil said...

Coffee and music helps. :D

buttercup said...

to nicevil:-

LOLz.. long time no see though. Yeap! I did drank a cup of coffee at around 4a.m. If not, I can't stand the rest of my day man!

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