Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back From Home

Hmmm... Everytime come back from home, make me miss my home more. But I do feel better. I'm re-charged. Ate a lot back there. Gonna be fat already... sob.

Me gonna rest for the rest of Merdeka Day... I'll continue my war tomorrow. Wait, I think I'm gonna start it in a short while. Try to guess why....


"Since I'm going back, I'll let you have my account la. But, spare me 2 hours at least when I come back. I need to do something online," I said.

"Sure sure. No problem." He replied.

*Today 31st Aug 2006 2130*

WTF???? Only 51 mins left for me??? Darn!!! I knew this will happen. There goes my credit for internet connection in hostel, for THIS MONTH. That's the bad news. The good news is, it's the end of this month already!!! Yay!!! I might disconnect for a few hours later but I'll (hopefully) get back online after midnight.

Have to be prepared when you give or lend people something, isn't it?

Signing off.


lw said...

WAIT... kenny.. YOU CAME BACK??!!??? @$@%$#$%@$!@#!!

buttercup said...

Lol... yeah i did.. but, it was a sudden called. My dad asked me to go back to have a small gathering... and i was at home for less than 24 hours.. so, sorry tht i can't join u guys.. sob...

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