Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last Test Down....

Last test was down. I killed it. Now I'm leading my men and attacking the Town Of Programming now.... Time estimated to take it down is 78 hours and 6 minutes. Then I'll move my army towards the hiding place of Lord Finals. I'm gonna kill him and take over his throne. I'll then make my people free from Lord Finals, for at least a few months before his successor launch new attacks on my people again (Calculated and foreseen next attack : December).

For now, I'm going against Town Of Programming at ease, at the same time, letting my men have a good rest before I finish Lord Finals and kick him somewhere else.

Hmmm, what should I do in the semester break? Oh ya... I told my mom that I wanna learn cooking already... Besides that, I hope that I can help out my family during semester break as in house chores, walking the dogs and so on. Of course, getting my stamina back to what it should be/was, at least. Hope to learn something also, anything that I can use practically. Just remembered that I gotta come back to PJ every Sunday to conntinue with my training for "San Shou". Maybe I should study and revise a little? Or I should start to look into some new subject that I'll be taking it next semester?

Aiya... *with sleepy eyes* 2 more weeks to go before meeting face to face with Lord Finals. The war will lasts for 2 weeks. I predicted that he will lose on the 17th of September 2006. And I just received an information that he already found his successor, just as what I said previously. Darn it!!! I can't relax too much even if I win Lord Finals.

Never mind, for the moment, Lord Finals! Wait for me, no need to come for me, I'll be the one who is going to you. Prepare yourself!!!!

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