Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sadness; Rest; Re-schedule; Back To The Front Line

Well, it's motivating isn't it? Yes it is. Very. Everything is like repeating. Well, just like what CP said, it's all in the mind. I know the theory but, I'm unable to apply it to myself. Hurts, it really hurts. But this feeling makes me feel alive.

Very much alive.

Oh well, it doesn't really matter that much isn't it? Ups and downs in life play important roles in our lives right? Repetitions might as well be my illusions. Sweet and bitter illusions.

Decided to go back one day today. I need a break. Since I've finished revising for biology, I have some "extra time" to do so, gather with family a while. Once in a while.

I appreciate that motivation. Thanks. I must and I will overcome this sort of "genjutsu*". Lord Finals, shi-ne**!

*Genjutsu = Illusion technique
**shi-ne= Die

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