Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ahhhh... Sem Is Going To End.... Sad

This semester, I've learnt so much from them. Had so much fun with them. Sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter. Treasure everyone alot. Don't know why( we will still be meeting each other next sem!!!)....

Left: Some of us taking pictures with our Chemistry lecturer. Can figure out where is she???

Right: A classic one with Nicole...

Left: People, smile!!!!

Right: Flower boyz~

Left: With Mr Tian, our biology lecturer. He looks so stiff.

Right: Hardly see Mr Tian smile like this!!! Haha!

Left: You see, he so shy with girls!!!! Kecut already!

Right: Nicole so cute and chubby! Hahaha! She's gonna kill me if she sees this!

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