Monday, August 21, 2006

A "Sweat" Day

What the F***??? The message read like this :

"Pls help my bf, he say he feel dizzy and want to faint d... dunno where is him now. can faster find him?"

Second message went like this:

"Im nt ok...Cant walk adi...So hot mor pening..No fren bsid me..Pening r..."

Third message:

"Pls help him. after i receive this message then no news from him d... pls... thank you."

What the hell is going on? I was in my chemistry tutorial. Suddenly, saw these kind of messages. My heart went up and down. Anything happened to him*? Oh my, what am I gonna do?

I left earlier from my class. Took a bus back immediately. Called my other roommate but he was in class too. We both search in different places. I called up Housemaster and requested him to check if he is ok or not.

When I almost reach my room, met Housemaster.

"When I opened the door, he was sleeping. Phone rang. A miss called I think."

"Thanks. It was me who called but he doesn't seems to pick up the phone. How is he doing?"

"He's fine I guess. Just woke up."

"Thanks alot Mr Zul!"

And I rushed to room. There he was! Awake, but seems to be weak. Talked softly. He was alright then. I guess he just lack of sleep. Dumb dumb!

Lectures all short; tutorials short; time to study short; and I didn't get to go pasar malam!!! Sob sob. Anyway, life's like that right?

What a day!!!!


Anonymous said...

why is this post so confusing?

buttercup said...

ha? confusing? hahaah... I tot it is clear? probably due to the dizziness and i also affected gua.. hahahaah

lw said...

y ur life so drama one?

A bit wu liao also... lol

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