Monday, August 28, 2006

Arrghh.. Determination!!!

Haha... Finally I can start to study already, with that little bit of motivation. In fact, I'm doing quite well with it... My roommate playing DotA, I can stand it. But....

"Kage bunshin no justsu!"


"Baga Tsunade opasang!"

"Wei Naruto!"

Whenever I hear all these, my head automatically turns towards the source and watch it for a long time...

*Shoot! I'm watching it again!!! Damn!*

I'd better continue... Sigh.. Naruto, you "messed" my plan....


Nicevil said...

You know the concept of Overwhelming Force used in War ?

It's basically using all your resources to win no matter what the cost.

The same can be applied to almost anything. (studying) In this case, the cost is naruto, dota, taekwando, forget them for a while.
You won't enjoy them much anyways since the guilt is somewhere poking your guts.

Get the hard things done, then do the things you want. It feels so much better. :)

buttercup said...

haha... yeah trying to do it.. just tht, some times, temptation seems to be "stronger"... muahaha... will work harder.. haha!! I can't afford to lose it right here!

s:uet said...

Kenny! Remember meeeee????
Miss you la kenny! How are you???

buttercup said...

to s:uet

yo.. chin suet rite? i hope it's you.. can't really get to recognise you from the pic la.. i can onli know you from ur name.. haha.. (hopefully i'm correct and you are chin suet).. i'm so paiseh la... how come can't view ur blog one?? u got the url? can send me??? thanks.... miss ya too!!

Nicevil said...

Studying is one thing.

But a good mind comes with a good body !

I recently wrote a health-promoting-article.

Check it out. :)

buttercup said...

to nicevil:

haha... yeah when i'm free i'll check it out! haha.. currently fully loaded with studies.... good luck everyone!

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