Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Never Knew That Doing IT was THAT Tiring!!!!

I really never expected that DOING this is so tiring! Never knew. It was my first time and guess what? We do it trisome(spelt this way?)....

Ah ha! Gotca! Don't think of something funny. Haha... Here are some pictures taken by me and my roommates yesterday in hostel's room. I really couldn't believe that I DID THAT! Enjoy!

There, JC and me in the room. Preparing to start the business!

Me holding 2 nunchakus with a higher section turning kick

Me holding 2 nunchakus sitting on a back stance

Side kick with 2 nunchakus...Really tiring putting up leg like this while waiting them to shoot!!

This is one of the best! Splitting my legs.. I know la it cacat-ed a bit but, never mind la!

A little bit more are to be uploaded... Got problem with the pc here.

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