Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well, this issue has been bothering for quite some time. My aunt from Australia called again and asked my dad if wanna be Aussie's citizens (Whole Family!!!). I don't know what my dad has conversed with her.

You see, if I'm gonna to be an Aussie citizen, there are a lot of things that I gotta do and forgo. I'll firstly gotta go do some body check up, this and that, go to the embassy, etc etc... That's not the problem. Here is the list of problems :
  1. Money - My family aren't rich. Future in there is uncertain.
  2. Weather - It's a climate country isn't it? Thick clothes during winter? My mom can't really stand weather that is too cold.
  3. Family - (My whole family is going rite???) Yeah, my dogs... How??? Can I bring them to Aussie???
  4. Friends - Of course... How can I leave all of you??? Becoming citizen ya know? Stay there FOREVER!!!
  5. Studies - Just imagine I study have way here to get my degree already, suddenly, the applicaation is approved. What am I going to do???
  6. Food & Beverages - Roti Canai, Roti Bom, Teh Tarik, Teh-o-ice-limau, Neslo-ice, Nasi Lemak, etc etc (and the list goes on...)
And the biggest problem of all, I think, I still LOVE MALAYSIA. It is where I was born. 生是马来西亚的人,死是马来西亚的鬼!(Born alive as Malaysian, RIP as Malaysian). Sigh... I don't know, if this is going to be true. If it really happens, will you guys forget about me?

I am going to miss you guys a lot man... However, there are pros and cons there. I'm gonna miss everything. Should I pray to go or not to go? I really wonder. I really do...... It is not that I can't adapt myself to the environment or anything, but, it's the bond of me with Malaysia. Everything that is in Malaysia. I'm afraid that I might shade tears when I'm leaving. Like a cry baby... I can see that. In airport... and the staffs taking tissues to me... OMG!!! I dowan all that to happen.... Haha.. Going there is fine... I'll try my best to come back ok? Haha..

After all, it's just an un-budgetted planning. Whether got money or sponsor to go or not, that still the main problem lying behind. God bless everyone!


Nicevil said...

Yeah... I've seen tougher guys than you, kenny, crying like a baby in the airport when leaving M'sia.

Gyahahhaha if you do go, take a picture yeah ! Kenny crying... with a girl handing you tissues... priceless !

You can always apply for PR (permanent resident) and go back to M'sia at any time.

How is your aunt doing there ? I'm pretty sure there are more oppurtunities abroad.

buttercup said...

tx a lot man.. my aunt is doing fine there... if we are about to go there, it'll be citizens not residents. of cos, in 20 yrs time. sigh... anyway, i won't show u the pic i crying la.. hahaha

kavume said...

if u go then i will bring camera, snap u crying, post everywhere on net...lolz...its just depense on you whether you want to adapt or not?...its just depense on you whether you wanna forget something or not?...

1. Money - yes indeed that future is uncertain, but if you did really go there, i will pray for u for the best

2. Weather - 4 season weather, summer, winter, autumn, spring, indeed it is nice you can get the feel of 4 season, but then your mum is the same as mine, couldnt stand cold. i had to on the heater the whole time and take care my mum because she is cold

3. Family - you can bring your dog there but then, is your dog trained? coz in aussie, their dog is trained and they will always obey their master. if your dog is not trained, then habis

4. Friends - of course friends. all will really miss you if you left, but then hope that you remain in malaysia la so that next time i can see you

5. Studies - ei, study international good lah, but then is expensive as well, lolz

6. Food & beverages - woi, food food food onli kah, this wan no need care wan lah. haha

So overall for pros and cons listed

pros 1, 5, 6
cons 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

hmm, actually i also dont really know what am i talking right here but if u understand what i mean here then ok la...dunno how to say something about it...

buttercup said...

haha.. oh my.. my dogs onli trained by my family members.. haha.. not professional training le... haha.. how??? if move there then studies free... sigh.. dunno la... mayb there are more pros than cons tht we din see, yet. haha.. GOd bless everyone!!! hey, food is important... i can't just eat burger everyday, i dowan to be fat!!!

Jun XUe said...

hahha yau mou.. food so important.. lol.. aiya.. maybe its a good oppurtunity.. but how come so easy get citizenship? if really become a citizen there... wah.. hard to meet up.. hahha at least for the next few.. years.. if meet also not often.. sobsob. hahhaha.. as for the others.. go discuss with your family properly lor.. actually it could be a fantastic experiance.. but how come straight away citizenship and not PR? wuwuwu.. anyway.. another good thing is that the influence of half life club will truly be spread all over the world then. . we must send wai loon to russia or india.. hahahha. aih.. lame jokes lagi.. and oh that day.. so much for last meeting huh.. ended up like shit right.. for some reasons..nowadays our planning never .. berjaya.. unlike the olden days.. sure berjaya.. hahahah.. aih.. but that is life.. maybe when i come back here you already chao to australia.. lol.. maybe when we meet again sudah ada anak.. hahahhah! kesiannness. but nevermind.. don't let these stuff drag you down. If you think.. that your future will be better Down Under.. go for it. You only have one life. Don;t let it go to waste because of other ppl. But talk so much also no use.. you gotta consult your parents and have a nice chat with em as well.. hahahha cos its not just you going... lol.. eh.. does what i said makes sense? I kinda.. blur now.. tmrw .. got presentation wor.. hopeuflly not a serious wan.. and haven finish preperation.. my program still haven finish.. diu or not.. ddiiiuuuuuu.... and i just found out.. i am supposed to work untill 3rd September.. which means on friday, 1st september, after merdeka day, I GOTTA WORK! NNOOO.. must .. go ... negotiate.. for one day.. hahahhaha. hopeuflly given.. but maybe my dad will advice me to go and learn more stuff .. sianz.. wait a minute.. this is gettting more and morea bout me.. aih.. oklar.. i should post this at the blog.. hahahhaha.. my blog. Ja ne.

ian said...

Whatever your family decision may be, I wish you all the best. Migrating to a different country is not an easy experience at first. But i'm sure, somehow, you'll survive and come out stronger than before.

Oh, don't worry man. we'll miss you too. Less feeders in DotA. ghahaha!~

take care man

buttercup said...

to jx:
well, wat u say is kinda true, esp the part sending wailoon to russia or india. hmmm... maybe can send him to serbia or sri lanka though. well, from wat i heard, we gotta become PR first, then after around TWENTY TO TWENTY-TWO years than onli citizen wo. from wat i heard la.. sigh... but i think this plan won't work like usual. HAHAHAHAA!!! it involves so much of cost.. just imagine... all the 8 of us in the family going there... not cheap ya know and my family not rich... hmmm.. eh bedebah... dun come back with kids next year ya... we still got plans to execute!!! good luck in ur presentation all ya! and it's a serious thingy actually to see if you've done ur hw, and how confident you are! must do it well!!!! oh ya.. really such a GREAT meeting tht day.. sigh... i think we should really find one day, go to ur house, "ping pong, badminton" then T 'n' S. hmmmm... sounds good? but i think can onli be carried out next year!!! so you MUST COME BACK next year~~! ok???

to ian:
haha... yeah... i wanna go there to have a look also but to be PR or citizen there, i would like to think twice actually but i'll follow my parents' decision in this case.... eh wat feeders??? see la.. soon gonna kick ur ass after my finals fin!!!

kavume said...

haha, u think they always eat those burger wan ah?...most of the time they eat sandwich first i also tought they eat burger the whole time but actually is not...

like jun xue say, maybe that time u have kid liau that time suddenly ur son or daughter some say, hie uncle, i see your picture etc etc a lot with my daddy...on that time i sure will ask, who is ur daddy...then he/she say, my daddy is keat keng...kaka...all sure terkejut wan...lolz...anyway good luck to you ya...

kinwai said...

wah botak going to be aussie ar? Sure ar? whoa dude..... u going down under mate. Hey look at the bright side, at least the girls there are big. bigger than u for sure. lol. Hey it's a clean and developed country. But just worried about discrimination la. But then again shouldn;t be la. There're so many immigrants to down under la.

and ya. It'll be an irony if u cry. I'll roll on the floor and laugh la. haha

Jun XUe said...

Hahhahaha! Wahh.. so payah. But you got an auntie there right? Maybe can help out… depends if can get a job there sure can sara wan…
Hhhmm what plans wor? I tak sabar sabar spread my genes around this world.. the world needs more love… In the end presentation postponed to tmrw.. shit.. still doing it.. shit. You making me nervous leh…. Yea.. come lar.. but now no chance.. want to regret also cannot.. that’s life I guess… nah.. I don’t plan to come back next year.. gonna work.. try my utmost best to get a job there.. come back maybe 2 years ar.. or 3.. for Chinese new year.. then can go visting again.. hahhaha !

buttercup said...

to kavume:
haha... siao la.. where got so fast got children.. die lo like tht.. lol

to kin wai:
hey.. where have you been? long time no see le.. haha.... just a plan onli la.. not sure one also... besides, not i discriminate or wat, but, try to maintain the bloodline in chinese ma.. haha.. aussie gals, too bad la you won't have me... hahahahaha!!!

to jun xue:
postponed? haha... good good. got more time to prepare ma! all da best dude! eh, come back la! wanna kick ya a** in DotA. haha... but, sigh, yeah, working more important... you are now in wat year d? 3rd year? how come so early work one?

kavume said...

aiya u know la, accident can happened anytime...see see u marry earlier than me

Jun XUe said...

NMExt year final year mar. i don;t plan to do 4 year lor.... hahha AIh.. that time maybe we won;t be playing dota anymore.. some new game..hahahah

buttercup said...

to kavume:
me choi!!!! i dowan so fast got family man! tht's too early for me.. and i'm not well prepared for anything like tht yet, in mayb 4 years at least! haha!!!

to jun-xue:
haha... yeah new game.. but we must not forgot wat we played in the past... b4 those new games or after, maybe we should try some half-life, CS, Generals and so on!!! hehe.... and errr.. i dun think i can go back for your bid farewell d lo... haha... gambade ya! and, KEEP IN TOUCH!

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