Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thrilled; Tired; Happy; I Want To Go Back!!!

It seems that my decision to stay up whole night wasn't a waste at all, for the ten-minute speech. I got a 48/50!!! Hehe... But errr, the competition, I didn't do that well. I missed out one point, but I've I don't say it, who knows right? That is not the biggest concern. It was my CONCLUSION!!!!

"In conclusion, ... ... ... ... ... ..."

I went blank for like a few seconds. Then I simply just add a few more lines to conclude everything. Everything was ok. EXCEPT for that part. Sigh. Still, it's ok. A great experience. Hmmm, I'm just not a good public speaker, yet, didn't I? Haha... Will be one day!

Now, I've "killed" 3 assignments. 4 more to go. Kill'em all!

So tired but happy at the same time. I missed my home, papa, mama, brother and sisters, not forgetting, my cute two little doggies... I hope I can go back this weekend. God bless me ya! I really missed my home so much suddenly.

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