Friday, August 18, 2006

Said Something Stupid....

*Coming back from school today in the bus*

"Ya lah, so lebih!!! Give us the things that we don't even see before!!! Never mind, wait till the evaluation form come out, I'm gonna bomb W***** already. " I said.

"Kenny... ....", someone called. (My friend)

I didn't realised that there was a lecturer there. I mean I saw her at first, but during the conversation I totally forgotten her existance. She's directly under W*****. GREAT!!! Now someone heard! Haha... Never mind. I'm telling out the truth. He is indeed TOO MUCH. Just imagine that when you just know how to do add maths in Form 4, he require us to do something like differential equation in Form Six. Stupid isn't it? Never follow syllabus.

So called Programming Assignment, he "completed" so-called "80%" of the programme. Not to mention those header and functions that we will never know. So what is the point you giving us something that a Degree student do? It is not even in our syllabus! I don't mind if you give tough questions base on our syllabus but it's really too much when you crossed the line last time. It is not the first time, W*****.

I said it, I mean it. It might not affect you directly, but, I'll make sure it'll affect you somehow. You never respect your students and staffs. You look too highly into yourself, dumb ass!


kinwai said...

dude wat's this? Wat u're suppose to learn la? C prog ke?

buttercup said...

yeah la.. C prog la!

kavume said...

C prog easi...hehe...wan know any just ask me...

printf("is keatkeng good?");
scanf(%d hehe);

case 1:
printf("no good");

case 2:


C, C++, C#, Java all the coding same wan...just that some diff onli like printf in C# is

and in Java is

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