Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mission Updated...

Reporting live from Town of Programming....

*Transmitting data*

Today at 1937 hours, General Kenny Yeoh announced that they had took down Town of Programming successfully as planned. They'll soon move up to face Lord of Finals and his army in 2 weeks time.

Let us all pray for General Kenny Yeoh and his men, all the best to them.

Let's celebrate for liberation given by the Great General Kenny Yeoh!!!! *yipee*

Reported by,

Lara Croft**,

**I forgot the reporter's name(male actually, haha!), so i made one.


jUn XUe said...

hahaha... WHen wanna generals? I gonna crush you with my Nuke General... "general" kenny.. bwahahhahaa.. good luck in your assignments cos i am pretty sure this comment wwill affect your concentration... lol

~Isaac^Kiap~ said...

i dun understand also.... who is evil who is hero? hmmm must read ur blog from beginning only will udnerstand... hahah sound like mission to kill a bird~~

buttercup said...

to jx:
haha.. dun worry.. i alr done it!!! muahahaha! nothing can stop me! fourple kill!!!! hahaha.... i think i'm not going to use USA d
haha... gonna try something new!

to ck:
yeah , kill your head la! haha.. it's c programming la. and i assume that i'm having a war! haha

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