Sunday, August 27, 2006

This Is What I Need

Haha... It sounded stupid but, this is the what I need, to motivate me a little in studies. It's more than enough, although it is just that little bit. You gave me the feeling, in these few days. Feel like we are in the past, repeating the same thing again, of course something in the middle has changed.

Maybe you didn't realised it. But, I felt it. Human's relationship world is always like this, complicated right? Right there in front of you, but all you can do is to melt in the very few moments. I treasured those moments a lot. Thanks.

Gotta sign off to study.... Again, thanks, you gave me the feeling again.

*Buttercup, wake up!!!!*

Yeah, I'm awake! Just wanna be in there a little longer. It might not come again. Haha. STUDY!


ShinD said...

Stay strong Kenny!

buttercup said...

yes i will shinD .. you too must gambade ya!!!

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