Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back From Home

Hmmm... Everytime come back from home, make me miss my home more. But I do feel better. I'm re-charged. Ate a lot back there. Gonna be fat already... sob.

Me gonna rest for the rest of Merdeka Day... I'll continue my war tomorrow. Wait, I think I'm gonna start it in a short while. Try to guess why....


"Since I'm going back, I'll let you have my account la. But, spare me 2 hours at least when I come back. I need to do something online," I said.

"Sure sure. No problem." He replied.

*Today 31st Aug 2006 2130*

WTF???? Only 51 mins left for me??? Darn!!! I knew this will happen. There goes my credit for internet connection in hostel, for THIS MONTH. That's the bad news. The good news is, it's the end of this month already!!! Yay!!! I might disconnect for a few hours later but I'll (hopefully) get back online after midnight.

Have to be prepared when you give or lend people something, isn't it?

Signing off.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sadness; Rest; Re-schedule; Back To The Front Line

Well, it's motivating isn't it? Yes it is. Very. Everything is like repeating. Well, just like what CP said, it's all in the mind. I know the theory but, I'm unable to apply it to myself. Hurts, it really hurts. But this feeling makes me feel alive.

Very much alive.

Oh well, it doesn't really matter that much isn't it? Ups and downs in life play important roles in our lives right? Repetitions might as well be my illusions. Sweet and bitter illusions.

Decided to go back one day today. I need a break. Since I've finished revising for biology, I have some "extra time" to do so, gather with family a while. Once in a while.

I appreciate that motivation. Thanks. I must and I will overcome this sort of "genjutsu*". Lord Finals, shi-ne**!

*Genjutsu = Illusion technique
**shi-ne= Die

Monday, August 28, 2006

Arrghh.. Determination!!!

Haha... Finally I can start to study already, with that little bit of motivation. In fact, I'm doing quite well with it... My roommate playing DotA, I can stand it. But....

"Kage bunshin no justsu!"


"Baga Tsunade opasang!"

"Wei Naruto!"

Whenever I hear all these, my head automatically turns towards the source and watch it for a long time...

*Shoot! I'm watching it again!!! Damn!*

I'd better continue... Sigh.. Naruto, you "messed" my plan....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

This Is What I Need

Haha... It sounded stupid but, this is the what I need, to motivate me a little in studies. It's more than enough, although it is just that little bit. You gave me the feeling, in these few days. Feel like we are in the past, repeating the same thing again, of course something in the middle has changed.

Maybe you didn't realised it. But, I felt it. Human's relationship world is always like this, complicated right? Right there in front of you, but all you can do is to melt in the very few moments. I treasured those moments a lot. Thanks.

Gotta sign off to study.... Again, thanks, you gave me the feeling again.

*Buttercup, wake up!!!!*

Yeah, I'm awake! Just wanna be in there a little longer. It might not come again. Haha. STUDY!
















(亞洲新聞網‧中國《中國日報》) (星洲日報/國際‧提供:亞洲新聞網‧2006/08/26)

看了这篇文章,有多多少少的感触。 天下父母心,珍惜眼前人吧!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Motivation For Myself

I can do it, IF I START NOW! Yes I can do it. I must at least maintain what I got last semester. I will do a little bit better, at least! This is my positive self-talk! Haha! I can do it! Lord Finals, you're dead!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Determination, For My Family's Sake!!!

Dad dropped by today because my relatives from Penang came to find out some information on my hostel. Dad told that he's gonna resign, resign not retired. He's already a retiree and the new boss, putting so much stress on him. I felt sorry for him and I AM sorry to him.

Of all the stuffs and things that I promise/promised, only one thing that I can barely/hardly/NEVER fulfill --- STUDIES.

I always full with passions in the starting but after some time, it started to cool down. I really hate this. In other things, my determination can hardly beaten but not in studies. Can anyone help me out there?

My finals are just 2 weeks away. Actually, the syllabus aren't that heavy since I've taken my Form Six but, I am LAZY/RELUCTANT to revise. Why why why....... I never knew why. Perhaps my friends or anyone from psychology field can help me out with this (FOC can?)?

I'm totally beaten by LAZY WORMS. Beaten to the ground. How well I can do in this final?

Last semester, thanks to Min Ee, her "NOW OR NEVER" helped me out a lot but it seems to be malfunction this semester. In great thirst to find the potion. I can do it right? I am the potion and the antidote didn't I?

I CAN DO IT!!! I WANNA GET SCHOLARSHIP! I DON'T WISH MY DAD TO BEAR SUCH BURDEN ANYMORE!!! May God bless me with strong will and determination. Amitabha!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Part II

Sigh... I just don't get it why I can't published many pictures in one blog while others can. Can anyone tell me? Thanks ya! Here's the second part of it:

Left: Me and Nicole posing... WHILE, some monkeys trying to get some attention at the back. (-_-'")

Right: Crowning ceremony for Mr Universe...
Kiss him boyz, kiss him!

Left: Pose guys!!! So leng cai all!!

Right: Mr Universe posing with the loser me...

Left: See? Two Mr Universes taking pics... Sooooo happily

Right: Mr Universe's press conference

Well, it is really enjoyable to be with everyone here. Good luck in OUR FINALS ya!!!

Ahhhh... Sem Is Going To End.... Sad

This semester, I've learnt so much from them. Had so much fun with them. Sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter. Treasure everyone alot. Don't know why( we will still be meeting each other next sem!!!)....

Left: Some of us taking pictures with our Chemistry lecturer. Can figure out where is she???

Right: A classic one with Nicole...

Left: People, smile!!!!

Right: Flower boyz~

Left: With Mr Tian, our biology lecturer. He looks so stiff.

Right: Hardly see Mr Tian smile like this!!! Haha!

Left: You see, he so shy with girls!!!! Kecut already!

Right: Nicole so cute and chubby! Hahaha! She's gonna kill me if she sees this!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A "Sweat" Day

What the F***??? The message read like this :

"Pls help my bf, he say he feel dizzy and want to faint d... dunno where is him now. can faster find him?"

Second message went like this:

"Im nt ok...Cant walk adi...So hot mor pening..No fren bsid me..Pening r..."

Third message:

"Pls help him. after i receive this message then no news from him d... pls... thank you."

What the hell is going on? I was in my chemistry tutorial. Suddenly, saw these kind of messages. My heart went up and down. Anything happened to him*? Oh my, what am I gonna do?

I left earlier from my class. Took a bus back immediately. Called my other roommate but he was in class too. We both search in different places. I called up Housemaster and requested him to check if he is ok or not.

When I almost reach my room, met Housemaster.

"When I opened the door, he was sleeping. Phone rang. A miss called I think."

"Thanks. It was me who called but he doesn't seems to pick up the phone. How is he doing?"

"He's fine I guess. Just woke up."

"Thanks alot Mr Zul!"

And I rushed to room. There he was! Awake, but seems to be weak. Talked softly. He was alright then. I guess he just lack of sleep. Dumb dumb!

Lectures all short; tutorials short; time to study short; and I didn't get to go pasar malam!!! Sob sob. Anyway, life's like that right?

What a day!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Amazingly, I Can See It!!!

Haha... It seems that these few blogs will bore you guys off! Haha.. But, I feel so much of energy flowing in me! I can do it, you know? I can see it I can do it!!!

Was helping my friends to check their assignments and the programme doesn't seems to be working... I go through and through the codes, again and again and finally, I saw it. The whole process took me around 3 hours plus.

But I'm satisfied! I'm good! I'm great! Haha... Let me boast myself once in a while. Hehe!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mission Updated...

Reporting live from Town of Programming....

*Transmitting data*

Today at 1937 hours, General Kenny Yeoh announced that they had took down Town of Programming successfully as planned. They'll soon move up to face Lord of Finals and his army in 2 weeks time.

Let us all pray for General Kenny Yeoh and his men, all the best to them.

Let's celebrate for liberation given by the Great General Kenny Yeoh!!!! *yipee*

Reported by,

Lara Croft**,

**I forgot the reporter's name(male actually, haha!), so i made one.

It's Really Tough!!!

It is really tough. Might seems easy but when you get down to it, it's really killing. I stayed up till 0400 just now and woke up at 1000, then continue till now.

What is the purpose when everybody is plagiarising? Testing our skills in copying works? Yeah, good one! This is no fun... Really. I'm still carrying out plan A, if A and B fail, I'm going to take plan C --- not submitting anything. Anyway, it's only 10/100 in the finals. It's not that I can't do what is in the exam, but this assignment is really something that we did not see before.

W*****, think think think. What you get from this? A bunch of brilliant students who can "do" programming? A good name for yourself from LAN people that you have a batch of great students? I doubt so. You are imbecile W*****.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Said Something Stupid....

*Coming back from school today in the bus*

"Ya lah, so lebih!!! Give us the things that we don't even see before!!! Never mind, wait till the evaluation form come out, I'm gonna bomb W***** already. " I said.

"Kenny... ....", someone called. (My friend)

I didn't realised that there was a lecturer there. I mean I saw her at first, but during the conversation I totally forgotten her existance. She's directly under W*****. GREAT!!! Now someone heard! Haha... Never mind. I'm telling out the truth. He is indeed TOO MUCH. Just imagine that when you just know how to do add maths in Form 4, he require us to do something like differential equation in Form Six. Stupid isn't it? Never follow syllabus.

So called Programming Assignment, he "completed" so-called "80%" of the programme. Not to mention those header and functions that we will never know. So what is the point you giving us something that a Degree student do? It is not even in our syllabus! I don't mind if you give tough questions base on our syllabus but it's really too much when you crossed the line last time. It is not the first time, W*****.

I said it, I mean it. It might not affect you directly, but, I'll make sure it'll affect you somehow. You never respect your students and staffs. You look too highly into yourself, dumb ass!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last Test Down....

Last test was down. I killed it. Now I'm leading my men and attacking the Town Of Programming now.... Time estimated to take it down is 78 hours and 6 minutes. Then I'll move my army towards the hiding place of Lord Finals. I'm gonna kill him and take over his throne. I'll then make my people free from Lord Finals, for at least a few months before his successor launch new attacks on my people again (Calculated and foreseen next attack : December).

For now, I'm going against Town Of Programming at ease, at the same time, letting my men have a good rest before I finish Lord Finals and kick him somewhere else.

Hmmm, what should I do in the semester break? Oh ya... I told my mom that I wanna learn cooking already... Besides that, I hope that I can help out my family during semester break as in house chores, walking the dogs and so on. Of course, getting my stamina back to what it should be/was, at least. Hope to learn something also, anything that I can use practically. Just remembered that I gotta come back to PJ every Sunday to conntinue with my training for "San Shou". Maybe I should study and revise a little? Or I should start to look into some new subject that I'll be taking it next semester?

Aiya... *with sleepy eyes* 2 more weeks to go before meeting face to face with Lord Finals. The war will lasts for 2 weeks. I predicted that he will lose on the 17th of September 2006. And I just received an information that he already found his successor, just as what I said previously. Darn it!!! I can't relax too much even if I win Lord Finals.

Never mind, for the moment, Lord Finals! Wait for me, no need to come for me, I'll be the one who is going to you. Prepare yourself!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well, this issue has been bothering for quite some time. My aunt from Australia called again and asked my dad if wanna be Aussie's citizens (Whole Family!!!). I don't know what my dad has conversed with her.

You see, if I'm gonna to be an Aussie citizen, there are a lot of things that I gotta do and forgo. I'll firstly gotta go do some body check up, this and that, go to the embassy, etc etc... That's not the problem. Here is the list of problems :
  1. Money - My family aren't rich. Future in there is uncertain.
  2. Weather - It's a climate country isn't it? Thick clothes during winter? My mom can't really stand weather that is too cold.
  3. Family - (My whole family is going rite???) Yeah, my dogs... How??? Can I bring them to Aussie???
  4. Friends - Of course... How can I leave all of you??? Becoming citizen ya know? Stay there FOREVER!!!
  5. Studies - Just imagine I study have way here to get my degree already, suddenly, the applicaation is approved. What am I going to do???
  6. Food & Beverages - Roti Canai, Roti Bom, Teh Tarik, Teh-o-ice-limau, Neslo-ice, Nasi Lemak, etc etc (and the list goes on...)
And the biggest problem of all, I think, I still LOVE MALAYSIA. It is where I was born. 生是马来西亚的人,死是马来西亚的鬼!(Born alive as Malaysian, RIP as Malaysian). Sigh... I don't know, if this is going to be true. If it really happens, will you guys forget about me?

I am going to miss you guys a lot man... However, there are pros and cons there. I'm gonna miss everything. Should I pray to go or not to go? I really wonder. I really do...... It is not that I can't adapt myself to the environment or anything, but, it's the bond of me with Malaysia. Everything that is in Malaysia. I'm afraid that I might shade tears when I'm leaving. Like a cry baby... I can see that. In airport... and the staffs taking tissues to me... OMG!!! I dowan all that to happen.... Haha.. Going there is fine... I'll try my best to come back ok? Haha..

After all, it's just an un-budgetted planning. Whether got money or sponsor to go or not, that still the main problem lying behind. God bless everyone!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thrilled; Tired; Happy; I Want To Go Back!!!

It seems that my decision to stay up whole night wasn't a waste at all, for the ten-minute speech. I got a 48/50!!! Hehe... But errr, the competition, I didn't do that well. I missed out one point, but I've I don't say it, who knows right? That is not the biggest concern. It was my CONCLUSION!!!!

"In conclusion, ... ... ... ... ... ..."

I went blank for like a few seconds. Then I simply just add a few more lines to conclude everything. Everything was ok. EXCEPT for that part. Sigh. Still, it's ok. A great experience. Hmmm, I'm just not a good public speaker, yet, didn't I? Haha... Will be one day!

Now, I've "killed" 3 assignments. 4 more to go. Kill'em all!

So tired but happy at the same time. I missed my home, papa, mama, brother and sisters, not forgetting, my cute two little doggies... I hope I can go back this weekend. God bless me ya! I really missed my home so much suddenly.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The First Night...

It was my first night, if I remembered it correctly. It was my first time staying up whole night just to do my assignments. Really stupid things to be done. I remembered in Hollowman, the villain in that show says that :"Sleeping is a waste of time!", seems so true to me now.

I've done 2 (out of dunno how many) assignments today morning, left out a little time before I get ready to go UTAR like usual. Suddenly, felt like visiting her blog somewhere. Realised that so much that I've missed out. Feel that I'm so tiny. So tiny that I felt I neglected a lot of people. So much that I've missed out on you. The gap is far too big. It should be the time now, to end this. Sorry people out there. I might have neglected you most of the time. But one thing for sure, you are my friend. I'll remember this. Maybe you all can contact me also if I forgot to miss you!

Maybe I can concentrate on my studies better this time. Not only for me, but for my family as well. Dad's reaching the retiring age, mom gotta work still and my other 3 siblings are in the need of money to study as well. I'd better get myself work out and find a salary that can at least share the burden. For now, I'll try to get the scholarship... with my condition now, I can't. I gotta change! Change!

Buttercup, you just lack of the DETERMINATION. You can do it. The reward is not far away... if you have give in everything you got no matter what happens later. Good luck, Buttercup!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

What's Wrong With Buttercup???

What's wrong with me man? I really don't understand. Even after so many times, I still don't learn the lesson? I've never learn.

Help me! I'm so lazy. I would rather do some trainings instead of doing homework, assignments, or most importantly, study for final! I've been very lazy. I need a helping hand. Just pull me out from the Hell of Laziness and I'll move on myself. That's the only help I need.


Buttercup, you never learn, don't you?

I Dreamt Of You...

I dreamt of you... You are so much prettier now and so much happier now, together with him. I don't know why... I just dreamt of you. Wonder how are you doing now. In that dream, you are a star, performing on stage, while I was the worker, at the side. After your performance, I fetched you down the stage. I held your hand. Only for that little while. We had a little talk. Felt so loved. Shall I regret or shall I not? Someone that is so nice, so good. Anyhow, it's too late now.

Woke up from my dream, with the smile on my face. So loved.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

They Had Left....

Another good girl just passed away like that. She hasn't even enjoy her life to the fullest. Brought away by cancer, in agony she went. From an active cheerful girl, turned into a helpless patient. I can "see" from her eyes, that she needed to be relieved from her pain, and she wanted to end the pain in those who has saw her, cared for her. I can feel that. She was in great pain, needing to be freed, from the physical and mental torture that she was undergoing...

Now that she has been released from all these, I hope that she'll be granted a good afterlife. She was kind, she was sweet, she was friendly. She can no longer do all these. But, all the good deeds that she has done, will be in our remembrance, always. Although I'm not very close to you, at least I knew you once. God bless you, my friend.

May you rest in peace...... my friend.

Rest In Peace, My Friend...

Treasure those people who are around you. Don't wait until they have left only then you regret...

So many people that I felt related just passed away like that. From that TARC student, until her. I've had enough. To those who rob, don't ever come to me. I'll not guarantee that you can go back alive, even I gave up my life. I would rather kill one for one. At least I will reduce the risks for others from being exposed to you. I won't want to die killed by you without fighting back. You people had took too many innocent lives. It is time for all of you to take back.

People, go to this link and AskForPeace and support them. It's time to get rid of those useless bugs.

I Never Knew That Doing IT was THAT Tiring!!!!

I really never expected that DOING this is so tiring! Never knew. It was my first time and guess what? We do it trisome(spelt this way?)....

Ah ha! Gotca! Don't think of something funny. Haha... Here are some pictures taken by me and my roommates yesterday in hostel's room. I really couldn't believe that I DID THAT! Enjoy!

There, JC and me in the room. Preparing to start the business!

Me holding 2 nunchakus with a higher section turning kick

Me holding 2 nunchakus sitting on a back stance

Side kick with 2 nunchakus...Really tiring putting up leg like this while waiting them to shoot!!

This is one of the best! Splitting my legs.. I know la it cacat-ed a bit but, never mind la!

A little bit more are to be uploaded... Got problem with the pc here.

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