Thursday, May 25, 2006


For no reason, I'm blank today. There's only a 2-hour lecture today and I almost fell asleep after the first hour. Not because of the lecturer was too boring but I was restless. Well, this new semester seems to be very interesting now.

I learn how to play Dot.A recently. Well, I'm a noob after all. I started to realise why people like it so much. It really require alot of skills, hand and eyes combination, and unexpectedly, courage!!!! Funny rite? I never knew this game need all this until now, after my roommate teach me yesterday.

Hmmm, a good thing and a bad thing are starting at the same time huh? Good = I can play Dot.A already; Bad = I hope it won't affect my studies, and I mustn't let it to do so!! After all, it's only beginning of the semester. Towards the 2nd or 3rd week I won't have that much of free time already.

Just now when I was chatting with one of my friend, she suddenly said that she gotta go because her house was robbed!! Nowadays, robbers, snatch thieves are everywhere. Guys and girls, please look after yourselves and your family properly. Also, I read a blog. He wrote this :

Please be careful on the road.

With this I would pray that the Lord up above
having Alan (WIlson's younger brother) in his arms
and take good care of him.

Please do be careful on the road, Alan passed
away from a road accident. He wan's wearing his
helmet that doesn't mean all car drivers are safe.

Please do be careful.... My codolences again...

God BLess him and his whole family. Amen.

Be careful on road. Be a responsible driver. Be responsible to others also.

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