Friday, May 26, 2006

Nunchaku In Taekwondo and Results!!!!

Today, we used the biggest lecture hall in UTAR,PJ to do this special training of Nunchaku. If you don't know what is a Nunchaku, well, you know Bruce Lee? Yeah, that weapon that he loved to use! The Nunchaku itself cost me RM 50. Thank God my sir say give free class this time.

He taught alot of basic techniques, and I found out that alot of my techniques ( I did not really learn before ) were so similar! Am I that talented? Haha... Those techniques although are basics, if I can master them then I can come out with my own technique!!! I must train harder this time!

I never knew that I actually got to learn Nunchaku in Taekwondo beause in Taekwondo, you can really hard to see a weapon as we are more towards hands and legs techniques.


Finally, after a long long long long long wait, my last semester's final exam results' are out! I would't say that I got a very good result as I think I should get worse (*something in between that is not to be mentioned here) due to "something". I got A for English Language, B+ for Principle of Economic, B for Mathematics, A for Computer Studies, B- for Biology and Chemistry I got a A-. CPA and CGPA are both 3.45 . Maybe you might say that I take things for granted but I know where do I stand in this case. Sigh. If there's a ranking, I can't even made it into the Dean list. Sad sad... I must gambade!!!! Students out there that are sitting for their exams, you too must gambade o~ Give you guys something, it helps me througout the exam and it motivates me everytime I look at it! I hope this motivation lasts forever for me and probably, for you too!


NOW = study now

OR NEVER = or you might/never get the chance again

Moral of this phrase = Do what you can to study now. Of course, at the same time, don't over-stressed yourself. If you know that you've already done your best, that's enough. DO NOT REGRET LATER, IF, YOU DID NOT STUDY NOW.

To show my appreciation from whom I got this phrase, I wanna announce to the world that, THANKS MINI-CHAN! You helped alot!

Thanks Mini-chan!!! Thanks Mini-chan!!! Thanks Mini-chan!!!


Jun Xue said...

haha your results not bad what? From the as and b's.. erm.. 3.75 over what? dean list is what? first class? yeah gambatte.. i shuld not be writing this comment now.. with fluids notes in front of my.. sigh.. still got turbomachinery.. tmrw test.. how . GAMBATE!!!!!!

buttercup said...

no la it's 3.45 for cgpa. dean list is something like errr, 2nd class? first will be the president list. wah lau..things tht u learn sound sooooooo kanjiong.. turbomachinery.. tht's err, scary... haha

may ling said...

hey.. u mean sir is mr lee poh kiat a?

ButTeRcUp said...

no le.. my sir in UTAR.... hehe...

Jun Xue said...

lol.. just found out you can reply my comment.. hahahha!

buttercup said...

haha.. now onli u know? haha... funny...

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