Saturday, May 06, 2006

Great Day Playing Around With Makeup Products

Shiseido Makeup and Hair Styling Session

Well, the session started sharp at 0900. I like that. There goes the introduction of the trainers and hair stylist. Wow… One of the trainer not bad looking huh…haha, too bad that you guys out there can’t see her cause I don’t have a camera. A total of 4 of them, 3 ladies and one gentleman --- the hair stylist. The lesson started off with introductory of our skins blab bla bla.

Then they gave us small sample of their products so that we can perform the instructions as they are teaching. The sample bag inclusive of CLEANSING FOAM FOR MEN, TONING LOTION FOR MEN and MOISTURIZING EMULSION FLUIDE FOR MEN, PURENESS REFRESHING WATER, some makeup brushes, lipstick brush all… these are for guys and gals get something like that too. I can’t remember well those steps cause the terms she used are so AMAZING, but as what I’d observed, all other guys seems to be blur along with me, expect for one majority group of gals, seems to be understand her well and perform all the techniques correctly. I RESPECT GALS in this sense. Haha! The cleansing part takes roughly 20 minutes.

Here comes the makeup portion. She started explaining techniques to put the foundation powder all… Guys were just gazing at the gals around them, eyes soaring around soullessly and helplessly, not knowing what to do. Well, I kinda miss those days I put makeup on my face ( I often go for performance when I was young and those makeup were put on by my mom or my teacher ). Hence, I started to pick up the sponge and put the foundation powder on my face… people around was stunned at first, guys especially, but then a few followed and started too. It was fun applying those stuffs on my face, after all, it’s my first time doing this!!! After the foundation powder, I applied some kind of rose colour powder, they called it eye shadow I think, and I tried to use the “smokey” technique I saw some where on TV and I end up becoming something like a red-eyed-panda or better known as the Chinese Opera performers. Well, I don’t really mind about that because it’s my first time and it’s my masterpiece!!! I am a piece of art myself! Then I applied the mascara ( is it spelt this way? ) on eyelashes. I almost end up becoming a pure panda, thanks to my shaky hands. After applying it.. OH SHIT!! My eyelashes stick together!!! HELP!! But err.. I can still take pictures and posing to the cameras.. it’s kinda sad that the pictures are not ready to be uploaded yet. I’ll do so when it’s ready. I then seek help from the expert ----trainers from Shiseido to remove those dried up mascara for me cause I couldn’t remove it myself.. dumb dumb me.

Then it’s the hair styling session. I don’t really get what he’s trying to tell and it’s a bit too brief. I think he’s better at practical instead of explaining things to the GALS especially. The session was too brief and only last for one hour. At the end of the session, he asked the crowd :“Any question you can come and see me privately after the session ends!” I can see smiles hanging around on gals face at this very moment. Once the session was announced dismissed, just imagine a hundred over gals rushed to him to get tips on what kind of hair style and this and that. His head gotten bigger. –end-


amy-da-great said...

even I don't wear make-up yet..gotta learn from you, si fu!

Anonymous said...

haha... never learn from me man.. you'll end up becoming the Chinese Opera members. hahahaha

Minsoon said...

Wahliow I can already foresee the future, kenny teaching his sons taekwando, daughters how to apply makeup. You'll make a very good dad. Ahahahaks !! =D

ButTeRcUp said...

wat???? oh my god.. if u really see my makeup tht day ar.. you'll die laughing!!! haha.. wait till i post my pics up then u'll know.. hahaha

ian said...


ok, i think i've officially heard it all...

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