Friday, May 05, 2006

Force of the Nature... + Surprise!!!

Chapter Force of the Nature...

Have you ever wonder how strong are you? Very strong? Naw.. Mother Earth will win you without effort by using her strong gust of wind.

I woke up like usual today,but was very tired. Dunno y... I cleaned up myself like usual, walk down to bus stop with my sleepy eyes and body. I got up d bus at 0720 and gave d UTAR bus ticket. I choose a seat near the window. I always enjoy watching out from a vehicle. The bus departed from Millenium Court ( the place that I currently staying in PJ ) at 0738. It turned into Seksyen 17 and something really caught my eyes. Branches were everywhere. BIG,small,thin,fat branches were all over on the ground. The bus took a few more turnings. Traffic lights were hit by the branches and fell on the road. Glass shattered into pieces and all overy the place.

When the bus going nearer to UTAR, i saw a tree unrooted, tearing the ground together with the roots. The tree almost crash into a furniture expo building. According to my friend who is staying in Seksyen 17, a few buildings lost their caps and a car was pushed downhill by an unrooted tree, hanging it at a slope. The car could not be tow-ed because it's stuck in the middle of the slope with mud around.

It is really scary to think that Mother Earth is starting to show off her anger against Her most precious child --HUMAN, who she think that will be able to look after Her and preserve Her as she was. She must be very frustrated and upset that the child that She put all Her hopes and effort in, has now turn Her back on, killing Her slowly by giving Her some toxic liquids to drink, put some puff in Her face,trying to choke Her to death. My dear siblings from all over the world, it is time for us to put a halt to all this. Our Mother won't be able to hold it any longer if these continue. It is time to stop because She is only showing off Her cane, She haven't hit it in our face,yet. -end-

Chapter Surprise!!!

*Continued from above*
I reached UTAR a late from usual, thanks to those branches. I drank too much water when i woke up so decided to take a leak after i placed my bag. As I was walking down the lane towards the toilet, Miss Mary, one of the Organising Committee of the Soft Skill Competency Unit approached me. "Young man, I think your English is not bad. Here's something to offer you. Would you like to be the MC for the closing ceremony of this intensive course?" said she. I was so shocked at that time. I thought she's gonna scold me because of something wrong that I did. "Another guy will be the other MC,too." she add on. My English was NO GOOD after all and that's why I'm setting up this blog to improve it. After thinking a while, I like, ok, why not? Since it is a great chance to learn something new. Training will be provided. Although there's nothing much to speak, I'll get to learn something new in different method and according to her, a small training is provided. Not only that, I'm able to show off to UTAR's President, with my...English ("'-_-"'). Haha.. So, it's a deal! I do hope that this given opportunity will give me a better learning of conveying messsages to others more confidently and clearly. Yay, I'll do my best and give all I have into it!

Well, today I learnt quite alot from the course. I get to speak to people in a better now(hopefully), and also interact with the class better. I've learnt alot from this guy too, Myocho Kan. Heard of him before? He's such a great guy with undescribable persuavive skills, such a rich body languages and marvellous English he speaks. The very first time I saw him, he doesn't give me the impression that he is such interesting guy. Once i start to talk to him, he's just totally amazing. During classes, any type of questions we throw at him, he is able to answer you and the answers given is never out of logic and reality. Know why? Because he's the Chief Learning Strategist also the CEO in his company. If you ever get the chance to go to this guy's talks or seminars, never let go of it. I'm sure you'll gain something. I guarantee this.

Well, that's all for today, let us all hope for a better tomorrows and do our best to bring out the very best of tomorrows. GAMBADE~~ -end-


kavume said...

keat keng...haha...i think by this looking at this name, u will wonder who is this...haha...tanny here la...can see ur blog around already...feel free to see mine if u wanted to...
this wan is mine
this wan is mayling

MinSoon said...

Yeah Mother nature is real scary. Here in the states, there have been many hurricanes happening lately. You know how they give female names to hurricanes (katrina..etc)? Recently THEY RAN OUT OF NAMES. Coz hurricanes are happening at an alarming rate ! They were forced to use greek symbols. I personally went through 2 tornado's already LOL. Nice writing kenny, keep it up.

may ling said...

wa... tanny u promoted my blog!! haha... well kenny welcome to this large blog world.. u will know who is ur frens... n yea i agree with u.. forgive n forget.. hehe

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