Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mean Girls / My "Diary"

Have you ever watch Mean Girls starred by Lindsay Lohan? Hmmm, maybe I'm kinda out-dated huh? Never mind. Still, I gotta thank to canteen uncle and astro to aired that at the right place at the right time.

Well, it's kinda educational, to me at least. It's funny, violent at the same time ( remember the part where Regina was knocked down by the bus? Eeewww ). To me, it seems to be that being frank to the people hate, dislike, is something really good. The most basic things to do when you are in a conflict is to confront, most of the time.

Confronting someone you dislike is easy? Naw.. It's tough. Perhaps tougher than to say "sorry" sometimes . Why does human backstab others (including of me also, somtimes --- we are human ma)? Is it really fun to do so? Or just by doing it, you are able to show others that you are persuasive?

I don't know. I just don't know. But, human can't live without these thingy rite? Human live to face all the challenges throughout all their lives. Watching Mean Girls itself, really made me reflect back those silly things which I did last time. I thought Mean Girls was just merely comedy. I was wrong! Human's biggest problem is communication. To get known to somebody, speak. To get rid of a problem, discuss. To express your love to someone, most-of-the-time, tell. Everything is about communication. Anyhow, anyway, you can't escape from being communicate with others, even if you are mute. There are alot of other means that you can communicate with people.

Communication itself, is the most destructive tool, but also the most effective tool in convincing others, as well as motivating others to be better. Words are sharper than knife. Be careful when you pick your words. Be considerate. Be sensitive, about who is the one you are addressing those words to. Some people is just too fragile, some are over sensitive.


Midnight yesterday, around 2 something, I received a SMS. I was kinda blur at that time. After I woke up and saw the message again, I sat down and had a little thought on it. I think I shall call it an end. Disrupting people's life isn't good, right? Making the party felt insecured, although my intention was not that. I know. I felt it. I might feel the same if it was me. The feeling of insecure, might break people up, but also patch people into one piece again. I wish you luck, my "diary". Of course, we still can exchange thoughts using other mean of communications. Keep in touch. People outside there who are reading my blog, treasure those who are in front of you now. Don't ever let them go even if you hate them. Thanks again, "diary".


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