Monday, May 22, 2006

I meme? I dunno. I just copyrighted ohters.

I AM: a guy, who is desperately need l...? Haha. Dunno.

I JUST NOW: was blogging, read others' blog... Chatting msn..

I SAID: " never be late, even a second!" when i'm carrying out duty as a leader.

I WANT: a gf perhaps but maybe not now. I want all my beloved families, frens to be blessed, as well as those who are suffering from disaster, war and so on. God bless everyone!

I WISH: I was slimmer too, less pimples and oily face and also smarter in every sense.

I HATE: people being late for appointments. Never be late if you got a date with me unless u got a solid reason or excuse for that!!!

I MISS: my frens from Klang, olden days, NS frens, soft skill course frens.

I FEAR: just like Esther. I wonder wat love really is. Haha. I fear that I dun have enough time to do all the things tht I want to do but i'll do my best to complete them all.

I HEAR: the radio making some noise but dunno wat the DJ talking bout.

I WONDER: if I'm able to discover cures for cronic diseases world wide.

I REGRET: not studying and din put all my effort in. I regretted but i dunno y still doing it. help me

I AM NOT: wat u see actually, only those who know me know tht i'm actually not what you see of me on the surface only.

I SING: to express myself. Of course. I'm a terrible singer. See, it's gonna rain d.

I CRY: I cry? I alr lost the ability to cry so long ago. I wish I could. I would like to know what is the feeling of crying again.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: tht "bad people". Look to the inner me. It's beautiful on the inside. I'm kind. haha!

I MADE: my bed. I can do some simple maggie mee cooking. I can do chores.

I WRITE: my feelings, expressions in my blog. just that i regret i couldn't place names there.

I CONFUSE: when gals, especially, giving funny "clues", "tips" or "body language".

I NEED: money to support my family

I SHOULD: be studying now.

I START: my day at 0600, sharp everyday except sun.

I FINISH: doing some thinking.

I TAG : kavume, peggy, amy da great, mini-san.

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