Thursday, May 11, 2006

Finally It's Over...

After a few days of preparations, efforts of so many people involved, it ha finally come to an end. It's amazing to see that people who know each other for such short period, can even become a family in an blink of an eye.. Amazingly.. no tears are shed today!!! Everyone's happy because we had gain something from the course that we participated in, and made a lot of new friends that come from FAM, FES, FICT, FAS! All of us come from different background, region, and profession (to be)!

From left : Me, UTAR's President Tan Sri Dr Ng Lay Swee,followed by Lau Yi Xing and Loh Chia Hur (my emcee partners)

Today everything went on well... I delivered my "speech" and I think I've done my very best and I hope I did not let any party down. I also greatly wanna deliver my gratitude to those participants from Class 1 and Class 2 for being punctual and co-operative! Special thanks to Class 2, although I did not know them much, maybe less than an hour, but, they still very nice! Me feel like dropping my tears now.. So touched! I'm not lying here! They are all nice people! Everyone there! Really hope to meet you all again, anywhere!

Time flies.. When in the first day of the programme, I feel like going back home due to tireness and so on but on this very day.. I'm reluctant to move my legs from the graduation hall. I really feel that throughout all these days, I've seen people of all kinds, and also discovered ourselves using all kinds of method! We are all now, a better person, with higher self-esteem, and also much better in communicating with other people! I've seen one of my coursemate, she drew so much of her courage to present in the class. She did well and guess what, she cried after that. That very moment made me feel that, she's really brave that she broke through the barrier and she shed her tears of happiness!!! I'm very proud of her and I'm sure that all trainers felt the same!

To all Intensive Immersion Programme participants, CONGRATULATIONS! You'd made the correct decision by joining this course! Gambade and keep in touch!

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