Saturday, May 27, 2006

Being Late

Thanks to someone, at such early morning, I know what to do with my blog. Well, down here is something that I've quoted from my own sayings and I modified them :

"Some ppl (like me) that are always on time, don't like to wait, BUT, there's always something in our mind(mostly): They might have something that drag them, till they're forced to be late. But of course, not as long as half an hour or one hour or more!

Well, what I can suggest to everyone is like :

1st, treat an appointment like a traffic jam. I'm sure you'd experienced tht before... Why traffic jam? You can try to put yourself in "their" shoes. They just keep waiting. Things that they want to do stranded at home or work place because of the traffic jams(waitings). Like you people would mostly write in your essays, "Never leave home too late and never expect that the traffic is better". "Their" mood, if it is an outing, might be spoilt just by the waiting.

2ndly, which is what I always do. I always plan to arrive at my destination at least 5 mins before the appointment time. In such, I got extra 5 to 10 minutes to do adjustment if i need to(which is like finding car parks and so on).

3rdly, if you doesn't wish to be late, but really caught up with something or traffic jam, do called up the person or at least, SMS the person maybe aorund 15 minutes to half an hour in advance. AT LEAST. This will show your responsibility to others and you do care about your job and customers(as in the corporate world). Some of u might say, why such trouble? Fren fren gathering onli ma, why so ma huan? Well, to be honest, I believe you all know that too, it'll eventually become a habit and a habit is hard to be removed/changed.

Well poeple, this is not directed to one person only. It's open to everyone, no matter you are the one who's always punctual or late. For those who are always late, this is a good opportunity for you to change. Change to a better person. Be responsible to your surroundings. Do put yourselves into other people's shoes. For those who are always early, you should know that, it's not all their fault that this become their habit. We should blame this on the culture. The Malaysian's culture. Have u ever seen VIPs, MPs, and those so called well-educated people (some of them) arrive early ( I think arrriving early is too much for the VIPs) or ON TIME? Oh, I'm 20 now and I think I have never seen it even once. How come ar?? They have all those traffic police escort them and still late? What the hell is all these supposed to mean? Isn't it? But of course, for those who're always late, never take this as an excuse for you if you want to change the habit now. That is not right.

To sum everything up, everyone is unique. For those who are successful, are those who are MOST responsive to change and NOT TO STAY. If you want to guaranteed a job (or before that) a recommendation letter (which most of you never thought of) from your faculty's Dean, or wat so ever, we all should change.

Again, I did not address this to one particular person. All that are with the name of homo-sapiens should read it and I hope that you all will gain something from it and I'm REALLY SORRY to EVERYONE that I always voice out my opinion this way and regardless your feelings. I'M SERIOUSLY SORRY and please forgive my foolishness."

There goes the quote. People. It's time to change. Never take things and people for granted. You'll regret from it one day. It's just the matter of time for all the pay-backs to take place. I'm not being harsh, but to warn you. I, hereby, wish everyone luck in turning into a new leaf. GAMBADE!

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