Monday, May 08, 2006

Buttercup's Day Out

I supposed to borrow a coat from a UTAR staff but it turned out that, he needed to use it as well on the same day same time, so i'll have to proceed to my Plan B. Once my course for today is done, I rushed back to hostel and took a quick bath, took my dinner and rushed to the huge Mid Valley. It was kinda jammed on the way there.


Guess what? It is so big that I had to looked at the directories to find Men's Wear. And I was wondering, what the hell is their management doing... So many of their directories are wrong!!! Some of them even led me to lingeries shop and other stupid shops... Such huge organisation make such silly mistake.

Well, Mid Valley isn't that big, rite? WRONG!!!!! I lost my way inside there. It's like, how many stories? 5? I went to each and every floor to find those shops that sells coat, department stores all, and the result was satisfying, but err.. those shops ho.. cheapest is RM398.00 and NO DISCOUNT!!!! My eyeballs almost fell out.. but that is not the best part.. there's one store I saw, selling coat itself only.. guess how much? RM200? Naw.. it's RM2000!!!! My soul almost leave it's container. Such piece of thing need so much? I think I should become tailor also arr...

Finally, after almost 2 hours, I finally found something I want. It's by SUAVE, RM199.00. Luckily not RM200.00. I wanted a size 52 ( I don't really know how they measure ) but those which are available only size 50 and 54. When I tried on the 50's, I look so cool... but err.. can't breathe. So gotta take the 54's. I quickly paid and went back.

Oh, again, I lost my way.. I dunno where's the exit. I turn round and round, asking people on my way.. and I got my way to the taxi and went back to hostel.

I calculated, a SUAVE coat, RM 199.00, taxi fee ( go and forth ) RM 10.40, mineral water, RM 0.45. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It was a total of RM 209.85!!!!! Why so expensive one??? Jior... My pocket got a burnt hole already.... This amount of money is equal to my monthly expenses on food in PJ!!!! Damn... This month I can become thinner already.. Should have bought the size 50 one...

Since the first day I stay in PJ, I've never travel to places other than university and hostel itselves. Only TWICE I went out to Mid Valley from PJ, the very first time was due to the "value-added" water that smells "nice", and the second time , this. Maybe I should go out more often. If not, I might lost my way back to home one day...

Summary : I hate shopping in huge malls without a proper sign board!!!

My day out was full with challenges, isn't it?


dreamland said...

the moral of the stories is don go to hugh shopping mall to shopping.
selling expensive things and wasting your time.

JX said...

wah. take your time and choose mar... you gonna use it for a lonng time. Or you shuld.hahaha

ShinD said...

It's MIDVALLEY! wahat do u expect? RM20 for a coat? u gotta be kidding me! RM200 for a coat is very lucky of u!

Anonymous said...

You... got... lost... in... mid... valley??? lmao!!!

Suave's coat ar?? erm 200+ ok ady lar...!!

and your mineral water is 45 cents meh?? 500 ml enough ar?? :P


buttercup said...

haha... i know it's so bad la i lost in there.. klang ppl lost in mid valley.. haha.. paiseh.. 45 cents is for the 5 liter one la LW.. u dunno meh? hahaha i lied.. it;s for 500ml one.. enuf la for tht time. i actually fell aslept when the promoter was ironing it for me

Minsoon said...

Rm2000 coat...!! What it's made out of, gold ??? diamonds ??? COOL BRAND NAME ? Shit-stain-free coat ??

Eh friend you got a coat 10 times cheaper. =)

Esther said...

it's only mid valley la. not THAT big also. that's why, next time must bring esther along. haha.
and 200+ for the coat and transport is so cheap ady.

ButTeRcUp said...

yeah min i got a 200 coat.. so exp man the 2000 one... eh esther.. i think u might have to line up d.. so many gals say tht to me.. haha.. mayb next time i go shopping then i bring all of u along la. hahahaha

ian said...


I liked the part where you said it's only RM 199.00 and not RM 200.00!!




Next time u do your shopping, bring a girl along. They know shopping malls better than they know their own house.


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