Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Arrgh!!! What's Wrong With My PC and MSN Today? And The Gal... Who Is She?

Once I on my pc, " CMOS problem. Please use USC". What the heck is that supposed to be? Ok.. I've learnt Computer Studies before so i roughly know what is CMOS. It's a kind of memory. I don't know why and don't know what to do. My pc just won't start.

After a few times restarting, it's still the same. Damn!!! ARRRGGHH!!! Luckily, I'd experienced the similar problems before. So I got to settle the problem based on my basic knowledge.

Yeah!!! Finally my computer get to start already... Ok.. I opened all the normal applications, until... MSN!!! "Your gateway is currently offline." What? What was that? *My blood started to boil already* I check all the places, connectivity, password, e-mail address, ect ect... All was ok.. Suddenly I saw the time in the right down corner of my screen. It was written 1235 (pm). I was stunned! I checked the date. 27th May 1996. Can you imagine that? Guess who's the culprit? It's that stupid CMOS again!!!! ARRRRGHHH! Feel like "dissecting" my laptop and crush that stupid CMOS!!!

After changing the date, everything got back to normal but when I restart my pc, still, that CMOS still bugging me badly. Looks like I gotta find some experts in Pyramid to get me something like a battery to settle this stupid CMOS!

Well, after all, today isn't that bad. I saw a girl after my school. She waved to me. I replied. Then we both just passed by like that. Then I realised that I know this girl but I don't know this gal as well! She's so familiar to me but I couldn't recall who she is. As I recalled back, I remembered that I'd spoke to her once but I dunno when and what's the content.

She's just like someone who's close to me but I just couldn't remember a thing. I don't even know her name. Everytime when I try harder to recall who she is, my forebrain portion endure a severe pain. Don't know why. I just couldn't recall. I hope to see her one day again and ask her who she is. It's a funny kind of experience that just like in the drama. Like, someone in your past life. That kind of feeling is weird. Nice. Scary. I just couldn't find the correct word to describe it. Anybody help me?


mini said...


Esther said...

are you seeing things?! maybe you should look for Dr McDreamy. haha

ButTeRcUp said...

who's that? haha.. i dunno who's Dr McDreamy.. wait... u are pulling my legs rite.

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