Monday, October 30, 2006

Love Is In The Air.... Don't You Think So?

There so much I want to tell you guys out there. First of all, my HEAVENOFBROKENENGLISH was unable to be viewed for a long time, and it's finally come back to "live". I hereby, would like to thank panther, who cared to reply me in Blogger Help Group, and also Sim Mei, BZ, and Jun Xue(I think, LOL) for listening to me crapping about MY stupid blog. And also, to JX, they might cancelled the whole demo from UTAR TKD. Dunno why. But never mind. Here's the main discussion --- confession of mine down here!

Now, I am about to tell you guys that, I'm in love. This time, a real love. I don't wish to lose her at all. I hope not to lose her anyhow, anyway. I'm working my very best now, to get her. She is the most beautiful girl I ever saw. She is so class-sy, so elegant, so beautiful, so amazing, so everything. She has stole my heart. I'm in love with her now. I really will do my best, to get her to my side, and stay with her, for the next three years. I would like to jump into her, where she can hug me entirely, endlessly. We can play whole day long, as long as I'm free and I have the stamina.

I would, invite people to come and have a good and thorough look at her, let them feel the jealousy which I'm so proud of. I never want to miss this chance, the chance that I can hardly get in my life. Maybe it's once, the only once, in my life-time. If I really get the chance to be with her, I'll never feel regret in my life. There are too much for me to tell you guys, how much I love her. I might really cry if I fail to get her. Please everyone, pray for me. You guys don't want to see a couple, just break up like that, aren't you?

Not to let you all disappointed, I hereby enclosed her pictures and please enjoy her as your "eye-candy".

See... My Darling. Just feel like jumping into her.

Can you imagine how class-sy is she?

Just see how elegant is she. I'm so loved...

Haha... Ok now. Her name is Platinum Hill, in Taman Melati. That day when 10 of us went out to find our new accommodation in Setapak, we have different ideas and opinions on many different houses and apartments, but once we all saw her, that's it. None of us DISAGREE not to stay there. NONE. Maybe you didn't get a good glance at her here on the pictures, but, I assure you, when you are there, standing in her, you'll know why I fall in love with her. The atmosphere is just irresistable.

All I have to do now is to, get to find the owners faster. Get a good cheap rate (which is around RM 1300, hopefully can get RM 1100, for a 1300sq.ft. condo) and bump into her real soon. May me dream come true.


Monday, October 23, 2006

I Am Bruce Lee!!!

A few days ago, I was asked by my President to perform a solo nunchaku (双节棍, the one that Bruce Lee used) in UTAR on the 4th Nov. It is really rushing to me as it is a last-minute thingy.

I did practice hard everyday but, I doesn't seem to be confident enough. Train alone, think of movements and skills on my own. It is not a simple task. Without people who knows, or at least knows a little, giving me guidance and opinion, I felt like blindfolded.

To make it worse, I'm sick now. Tomorrow morning at ten, there'll be a meeting regarding my group's assignments. Hope it will turn out well.

All I can do now is to hope that, my performance that day will be perfect without a mistake. And, hopefully, jika dirahmati Tuhan(menjelang Hari Raya), I can upload some pics or videos about that day. Haha!

Finally, although it's a bit late, Happy DeepaRaya!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Falling Apart

My group seems to be falling apart. We did not choose each other but we just merge like that. It seems to be a big mistake in my life, collaborating with people that I once thought were committed.

During the meeting today, they doesn't seems to be concentrating. NOT AT ALL. I am very dissapointed. They did not prioritise things properly. Putting unnecessary things ahead of the others.

Now, I am really confused and upset, not knowing how to improve the condition. Deadlines are not far ahead and we got two main assignments to compile and to work on. I really wonder how things will go. It's no longer like last time, people knowing what working together is. They just mind their own business. Even during the meeting, they can even called to other people and discussed on stuffs that are not related at all like computers.

WTF is all this? I just don't understand. Yeah, maybe I'm being selfish for not letting them to discuss all that but, I believed and assumed that, they are mature enough to think of that. All I can do now is to, hope and believe in them that, they will wake up real SOON.

People change. Pathetic.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It Has Come!!!

Finally. Something that I've expected, predicted, has finally happened. I don't know why am I writing this but, I just feel weird when I'm writing all this.

She, has finally go for him (from what I heard, which I think is quite true d), and he really put a lot of effort in getting her. He deserves it. All I can say is, all the best, and don't be like "the-one*" can already. Wish you both happy always. God bless!

*Someone, who was a "main-lelaki"; her ex-.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Close To Death...

I supposed to blog this yesterday but thanks to the LOUSY connection of MC, I can't even log in. Anyway, here's what I want to blog about yesterday:

Today, I am honoured to have the chance to train with San Shou NATIONAL FIGHTER. You know? NATIONAL FIGHTER. He's a little smaller than me (we called him Musang) in the sense of size but, he is powerful and strong. His kicking speed, is God-Like kicking speed!!!

Before I train with him, I saw him fighting with the other guy. They were "fighting" as if they never fought before. Suddenly, he "disappeared" from his view. The next thing happened was, his opponent was down on the floor. Can you just imagine that? And guess what? According to the Master, Musang's speed, was the slowest when he went to compete in China. WOW!!!

Then, it was my turn to train with him. Before that, when I trained with other guys, I was fine. They can't really toss me and I get to toss them. But once I started to train with Musang, *gone case*. First, I didn't get to toss him at all, secondly, he tossed me a total of 3 times in just less than 2 minutes. If he really toss me like he did in his tournament, I'm dead for sure!!!

But it is really great learning from Musang. If he never give chance, I might be lying in UH now. LOL...

Till then.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm With You

A lot of people seems to be in great depression. Well, life's like this isn't it? Without depression, our lives will become colourless.

One, was heart-broken; one, is undergoing studies problem and stress; one, was and is being controlled by parents in his/her relationship; one, is facing great challenge in UK; etc.

Me, seems to be still so relaxing, but, deep in my heart, the nerves has started to shaken as days gone by. 7 weeks to go and it's Finale for me, as the Lord Finals strikes back.

Well, my dear peeps who are "suffering" from their very own depressions and downs, do not worry, as I'm here with you, sharing your joys and sad moments together. Always remember, BuTtErCUp is always here, for/with you.

Let us all pray together, that we have a great future ahead. We shall and we will, one day, achieve our dreams. God bless!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Well, it is proven that I am very ATTRACTIVE. Yesterday after I left, the rest only got a few more extra.. Then today I went back to my position, many people joined in!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Know why? Because, today I got to ATTRACT around ten person? And among them got a few LENG LUIS. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

See, I'm not only persuasive but I'm ATTRACTIVE as well. They were all seduced by ME, by MY ATTRACTION.


My apology to all. Please forgive my narcissism of myself.

What a day! LOL! From now onwards, Taekwondo Club in UTAR got more LENG LUIS already lo!!!

Thanks to... Come all follow me shout it out loud :

" Thanks Kenny the Great!"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Identity... *Sniff!

Yesterday was a short briefing on how to handle the booth for our Taekwondo Recruitment Drive. At the end of the session, the PIC said this :"Please wear your uniform when you are on duty."


"Please wear your uniform when you are on duty."

Dang!! What is this man? But I won't deny that this is a good idea to attract *passerbys' attentions. It is just that... ... My IDENTITY as a black belt holder will be "unearth" d!!! Jior!

Anyway... Today and tomorrow are the recruiting day. Today, in the one hour plus I duty, I managed to attract 3 people, using my attraction and passion, on my own! LOL! Hope that tomorrow I'll get to attract more people in.

*Got such word???

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Unexpected... Really unexpected. I thought that the "finale" will be the easiest "match" I'll be in but, the truth proved me wrong. It seems that third semester, with only three subjects, is killing at the same time.

It is just... ...TOUGH. Oh well, I can do it rite? No problem. Aim for 4.0 this semester. I hope I can get it. Wish me all the best ya! Muacks!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Message From Lam Soo Kean

I saw on Friendster's post where Soo Kean left us all who knows her a message. Have a look at it.

"In loving memory of the ever-youthful
Rosline Suki-san;..

These words can;t sum it all but;..

When I die, I want to be remembered as
who made a difference in the lives of people
closest to me. I hope to be remembered as
someone who inspires the people around
me. I
want to leave my legacy of contributing to
society behind upon my last breath. A
caring wife,
passionate about her children and their
someone who possess great and
aura. I want to be described as a woman
emotionally strong within and is truly
sincere in her
speech and deeds, a daughter of obedience
sense of mother-like, an everlasting, loving
who;s supportive and passionate.

I want to die SMILING! Smiling honorably

Soo Kean, although I didn't know you well, your death somehow brings me a kind of sadness. God bless you!

Something Different

Today morning was my San Shou grading and it's really kinda different from Taekwondo's. Here, they did the pattern singly(inclusive of pole aka stick, dagger and so on), not like Taekwondo, one shot 16 person. They also have something called peer-arranged(something like that) where it is a arranged sparring. Their sparring also scary. Really full body contact. Even if you are 4 or 5 years old kid, there's no pray pray. Fight means fight. If you did not perform well, you FAIL!

And here is something really special, to move up to black belt, you gotta name the pattern that they ask you to perform, perform with pole, and also, FIGHT THE LION WITH POLE. You know LION? The lion in the Lion Dance? Yeap! But this lion is green in colour and there are people who are playing the drums, and other instruments. It's really eye-opening to me, at least.

I would say I didn't perform well enough. A little too fast. Also, I forgotten one step in my Pattern 2. I really wonder how much it'll pull my marks down. Here's another difference. They'll post your marks up in the center and there are positions for it. Highest mark means NUMBER 1, and lowest is last of course, and you'll have a greater chance to fail.

The sparring session was very interesting too. Those fighters, no matter guys or girls, guys vs girls, baby vs elephant, they all fought really well. And one thing I would like to bring the attention of Taekwondo members outside, note that our higher section kicking is really dangerous fighting against them. Once they grab your leg, it's K.O.. Seriously, no pray pray... Unless you are really fast, else, never try to execute higher section kickings.

Well, the result will be released one week from now. God bless me!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Return Of Buttercup

Summary of my holiday :

1) Met some friends, had lunch, dinner and so on together. Not bad!
2) Did helped out at home.
3) In total, I fried 8 eggs.
4) I've learnt new things in Tai Chi and San Shou.
5) Study :None
6) Waste time : Distinction in wasting time.
7) Ultimate goal in this holiday, DotA, and I did play a lot of games around.

Yesterday night, my dad told me how to cook soup. So I prepared everything before I went to bed. I woke up at 5 am to cook it and guess what? The main material I prepared wrongly and all my effort just went off.. T_T

You might ask, "Why do you have to wake up so early in the morning just to cook the soup?" Well, here's the answer:

1st: I got a date with Kam, Tiong Soon and Cow(TomM-KrUise, you-know-who) at 8am.
2nd: Botanic can hardly have any access to public transport, especially when it is around 7 in
the morning.

So, what kind of business the 4 of us were doing that time? Simple, DotA. Initially, we only planned for 5 hours. Later, we add-on and made it a TEN-HOURS-DOTA-MARATHON. Yes you read me right.. Of course, there were little breaks in the intervals... And now that plus on with that stupid haze from our "friendly-neighbourhood", Indonesia, my eyes are now sore and pain... And, that lead to one conclusion, I'm sleeping now! Chaoz!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Almost a week plus if I'm not mistaken that I MIA... Thanks to the PC at home kena virus and I can't go online!!! Luckily I didn't terminte the Internet service in my hostel... Or else, I'll have to pay another 50 to 80 bucks to re-open the line again.

These few days were not bad... DotA a lot, of course, fed a lot to other people... I'm still noob. AND, these few weeks are really tiring... Especially during training, intensive type... Grading next Sunday and it's scary!!!! And I heard that their sparring(in San Shou), the more aggresive you are, the higher marks you'll get. O_o||| Can you imagine that? I got one senior who K.O-ed his opponent in one punch and one kick. That's all. K.O.

Well, thank God that my time for sparring event is still at least 8 months away. I still got time to train.

Jun Xue! Be strong ya! Remember, our motivation is, to kick Soulreaver's ass... That's our ultimate goal! LoL. Mins, if you happen to read this, don't worry k? Use your Tai Chi and whack us all!

Till then, signing off.
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