Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I digged out RM810.00. I paid her.

I got my VG-B30AM, Sony Vertical Grip for A350, and two 8GB Kingston 133x CF card.

I'm UPGRADED. Muahahahahahah!

Now, I still getting used to the vertical grip. Getting handier everytime I hold it. Now, the CF card. I realised that 8GB's CF card seems to be loading kinda slow. Is it because of the size, or the body problem? I think I put my bet on the body. Cos' Albert's A900 is using 32GB CF card and it performs just fine.

Next up, lenses.


marccus said...

wahahah XD
didnt try the 266x CF card ma? XD

MyKy said...

fuiyo... upgrade siooooooooot...

next, downsize...

whahahaha XD

buttercup said...

got 266x meh?! dun lie! hahaha!

won't downsize one.h ahaha. eh u should thank me for giving u something to post in LYN. lol!

marccus said...

hahaha XD
sure got lar kenny.
But the price is 4 times from the 133x one. XD
too costly =P

buttercup said...

wah... nvm then. hahahahahaha! i'd rather use the money to MAKAN! lol!

MyKy said...

I malas wanna post ady :/

loon said...

where is the picture of your new family member?? :/

buttercup said...

lol! wanna retired ar?

o.O?!!? what?!?! you mean the upgrade? lol. no time to take.

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