Monday, April 27, 2009

Photoshooting @ Taman Bukit Jalil

Thanks to Wingz from Rojakz organised the shooting, tagged along with Sifu Albert, Yiau and Jason to Taman Bukit Jalil.

Earlier that day...

"Wingz ar... which entrance of Bukit Jalil to go in wo?", it was 7am by then, outside Stadium Bukit Jalil.

"No la, not that Bukit Jalil la, the other one!", Wingz said. Then only I knew, not only that I'm TOO early, but I also got the wrong place. Haha.

Back to the story. So, all of us gathered at Taman Bukit Jalil and start scouting where to shoot. It's a big park ya know. With a misleading "TANDAS" signboard.

1: Lead the way!

2: Sifu Albert doing stretching before shooting

3: Wingz having a puff

4: Yiau(hopefully I did not spelt his name wrongly)

5: And Jason with his big gun!

6: Oh, we noticed this weird flower too!


8: And I like the stone carving at "Peru"

9: "Support"

10: "Fenced"

11: "Spring"

12: The misleading toilet sign that lead us to no where

13: Jess


15: Wireless flash taught by Albert. I need to improve more! And this is fun ya know?

16: Hindustan style








24: Jess taking a break looking at pictures

25: Sifus at work





Again, thanks to Wingz who organised that trip, and learnt alot from Albert too! Thanks to the both of you! Oh ya, and Jess!

p/s: Majority of the pics were shot using the Minolta 50mm on Sony Alpha 350.


Kaizhi said...

I know Jason through Nuffnang christmas bash!! I didnt know he is from malaysia. =D

buttercup said...

Hey Kaizhi!

haha... i actually didn't have enough of time to get to know all of them, inclusive of Jason as well. Maybe will post more info when got them! / Rei said...

Both of the bukit jalil park is my turf..Lol

nice series =D

buttercup said...

hahahaha! really ar? so means you always bring ppl there to take pic la? maybe i should squat there more d. hahaa!

jessbabe said...

love no. 20 :)

let me know when it's ready. I'll collect from you :D

buttercup said...

wokies~ tahnks!

Jasonmumbles said...

Nice. Your lighting is more even than mine.

P/S : If you put music, at least let your visitors have the option to turn it off or don't auto play. :|

buttercup said...

lighting more than you ar?
and err... the music actually got a turn off button, lol! just that i auto played it.... paiseh~

Rachel said...

just out of curiosity , those gurl are they very bubbly in person when they take those model shoots?
are they paid?

buttercup said...

eh... bubbly means wat d ar? u mean "chuan" or wat? they are good actually. some is paid some is not paid. depends.

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