Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Got Saman On My Birthday! WTF!

First of all, thanks everyone for wishing me Happy Birthday! Now, this time the birthday kinda special I feel. Haha!

My mom actually sang the birthday song, and MMS to me! LOL! Thanks Mom!

Birthday Cake from family

And this is something very special from Ray & Chia Wuen. It's called a 蛋糕[cake]. Now, how special is this cake? As you can see, this is together with chicken floss, and it's made from egg! Truly 蛋糕!

And it's sweet! Chia Wuen's recipe! haha!

Now, something happened to me today. I almost forgot. After my boss brought me to have Happy Meal(ctually, McD la~ hahaha), I went back on routine to work. As usual, I was driving down the MRR2.

I felt kinda sleepy today so, I did not drive fast. As far as I remembered, I drove only 80kmph. Out of a sudden, I saw a few cars started to flash their lights from the opposite lanes. I immediately checked my car speed again. It's still 80kmph.

True enough, there's a roadblock down the road. So, I was thinking, "Hmmmm.. sure la you let me through. I did not sped also. Blek~"

The traffic police flagged me down. O.o!!! WTF?! How come!?!?! How COOOOOOOOOOOME!? No choice, I stopped my car.

"Tuan, apa salah saya ar?"

"Speeding. Kasi Lisen"

"Speeding? Berapa?" *This is some awareness for you out there. Don't be so stupid to just do what the police says. Ask them why you're at fault.*

"Sini 80 saja. Kamu 93."

Surely, they won't show you the evidence.

"Tuan, boleh diskaun ar?"

"Diskaun tak boleh. Cancel boleh."

O.O!! Wah, so good? No need discount some more can help me to cancel? I was a bit head-not-thinking-cleary at that moment, I asked, "Macama mana cancel ar?"


He kept on writing something on his paper(of which ALL the policemen will do), and I was wondering, if he'll catch me if I treat him coffee. I kept quiet for quite a while.

"Macam mana? Mau cancel ke tak? Kalau saya keluar ini, tak dapat cancel dah."

"Saya tak cukup duit..."

"Tak ada duit ambil saman ini. 300 saja.", I kept quiet again.

"Betulkah takrak duit?", he asked again.

"Tak cukup... Bagi saya saman itulah."

"O.O!! Betul ar mau saman? Berapa kau boleh bagi?"




"Lipat dan kasi."

Clean. Now, I just realised something. Even treating others to drink coffee, you'll still need to have the trust in the person. No matter how bad are you, we all live based on trust.

And, thanks to that police, I'm clean. Hey, who's speeding?! I mean, WTF, I don't remember me speeding anyway. But, as they flagged down you, it means that, they have(and possibly don't have) the evidence. On the other hand, dear police please see the picture below. F9U! Lost RM30 for that!

And this girl is kinda cute! LOL!

I want to fly! No Air Traffic Police!

p/s: really suey, birthday some more kena saman~ LOL!


Wen-Dick said...


Wow, that's a lovely cake from your family~~
And..... A nice cake from your friends.
Truly a egg cake...!!
CONGRATZ on being fine only 10% out of the real amount...
SO! Basically still considered lucky on birthday ler..
No hard feelings.... Cheers~~

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha a cake from my sis, does it taste very sweet? XD

破财消灾 ~

buttercup said...

Dick: ahaha! discount from Malaysia!!

Chad: haha! yeah it's sweet. her own recipe! get her to do one for you! and yea,... 破财消灾.

OnLyDa said...

lol.. my friend kena worse laaa.
she brought RM50 out to buy sth from kfc.. after buying, she only got RM30 left.
When she kena saman, the police requested for RM50.. and she said she only got RM30.
so the police took her RM30..
wtf right :S

anyway, happy belated birthday yea! :P

MyKy said...

Sigh botak, i was hoping u'll just take it in the face and bayar saja the saman.

But still wtf rite? given the option to pay 30 bucks or 300?

decisions decisions

smiley said...

ok la thats my present to you then!
see without my bowl , you wont have your dan gao !!!

buttercup said...

hahahahaha! damn funny! hahaha! OMG I wanna tear out d~ lol!! pity him/her!

hahaha.. initially i memang want to pay the 300. but he OFFERED, so, wtf? haha!

ya meh ya meh? jierr~ doesn't count!! hahaha! when wanna come back here and collect ur bowl? lol!

MyKy said...

Aku pon tahu..

Our money is limited. So when given the choice to uphold the law or save money, which one to choose?

I'll choose to save money too :p

MyKy said...

Wei, try this, next time if kena, threaten him back. Ask for his police number, say u've recorded things he said just now in your phone.


buttercup said...

it COULD be a good idea but, they can just take you to the station straight.

Samuel said...

the girl in the pics.. yeah.. she can up mine any time of the year XD

buttercup said...

LOL!! yeah sam. mine first. LOL!

loon said...

that's the only thing i like about rasuah!! hahahaha!!

hm.... next time i should keep 30 in a fake wallet and put it in my car.... if police ask can say only have 30....... good idea man!! dont you think?!

buttercup said...

LOL! hmm. why not u put 10 then!?!?!? hahaha

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