Monday, April 27, 2009

Taekwondo MSSD 2009, Klang

Last Saturday I went back to Klang to helped out with the Taekwondo MSSD. Saw some good talent there. Good to know. But of course, standard seems to have dropped a little compared to last time.

Let's proceed to the pictures!


2. Master Teh giving his motivation

3. My sister Cherry won 2 rounds. Unexpected!

4. Some people no need to stand on ground to fight one

5. Eat my chopping kick!

6. Nazi the new generation

7. Mom, sister and Yvone

8. and Tart with his "ngong ngong" face

9. Gorilla Kwan doing his thing.

10. ooolala.. i love this backswing!

11. See her happy face!


p/s: Shooting under that kind of condition really not easy. Lighting not really enough. Push the ISO so high but still... shutter speed kacau.


Samuel said...

so song la!!....

I still in green belt.....


buttercup said...

lol!!!! time to go back to training!

Anonymous said...

nice.. i used to learn it during primary school.. haha.. but stopped.. =D

buttercup said...

hey kenwooi! thanks for dropping by! haha.. yeah... almost the same for me too. din really go for training for 2 years d. sigh... those were the days. T___T

Samuel said...

kenny la! din let me kick his butt!!

tats why no mood d


loon said...

hm.... yeah.... i kind of get what you saying about the lighting all that alr... and agree with you the picture is kind of average...

but anyhow, i still like them. espeacially no.10... nice...... =D

loon said...

eh, btw, is not me who took that nazi picture rite??

nazi the new generation like got no supporters lo... haha

althena said...

I used to be green belt holder... 10years ago!?! o.O"

buttercup said...

sam: =.=~

haha.. it's VERY AVERAGE. yeah i like no.10 too! love the backswing!

haha.. time to continue! come kor kor teach you! hahaha!

Samuel said...

What! I support hitler wan!!!

heil hitler!! XD

buttercup said...

hahahaha! me me! i'm the one!

loon said...

you are pig hitler.. same like sam the pig!

buttercup said...

gorilla the ass. lol!

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