Thursday, April 02, 2009

SinKeat's Bday In Advance

Went to celebrate SinKeat's birthday in advance just now. She didn't know that we are celebrating for her until the moment the cake come out! Haha. I can see she suspected something but things carry on like nothing happen then, Mr Cake came!


2: "This cake is not for you de"



5: And thanks to our photographer that night...

6: We have this!

p/s: It had been about 2 weeks since I last photoshoot-ed in Singapore. My baby camera actually gave me a dream and it got lost in my dream. I promise I'll take more pictures from time to time k?


心洁٭SinKeat said...

Kenny , thanks for the picture. Thank you everyone for this early celebration !!

and pic #2 , I'm so ugly !!


心洁٭SinKeat said...

and I was really suspecting something wasn't right when they keep asking me to order more to eat ... but noone respond to me (as usual) .. so was really shock and happy for the cake lo ... thank you again lo ..


buttercup said...

hahahaha.... and in pic no.2 is called natural! lol!

Happy Bday!

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