Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Freedom of Speech

Now, this may get a little sensitive. And, even if it's April's Fool, don't lie that you don't know recent small thing that's happening between the Amadika & Maresiah.

Well, it's not too bad actually. Just that, freedom of speech. Now, come and think of it, "Hey, who are you guys to control what I'm fuckin' saying?" suddenly seems to be so right!

And, "Who gives you the rights to control whatever things that's coming out from my mouth?" seems to be damn true too!

Now, for many people in Maresiah, and if you read the GutterUncensored, many things you know that's happening. Many things that you don't know.

Internet is a powerful tool to spread information, at the right time, the righteous info. Sometimes, when the other party is at stake, he/she wants to get rid of something else. To put it into another picture, it's just so simple. Let's take the story below for an example.

ONE day. I robbed and killed a woman behind an alley. Blaine saw it. I kill him to shut him up. When I can't be sure that he will keep his mouth shut, I MAKE SURE he shut his mouth.

Of course, it's just a metaphore (did i spelt this right? Who cares, as long as you get the idea!). It's just like murder, in another context. Speaking of freedom of speech. Bah.

Well, Mr Gutter, have a nice day and I believe, you have 200,000 of backs supporting you. Geeesh... Hopefully won't get into any trouble. You know, I know.

Oh ya, by the way, enjoy the following video. Damn funny!!!!


MyKy said...


u got wrong concept of economics

now u got the wrong concept of freedom of speech as well?
your analogy is totally wrong..


buttercup said...

z. wat ever. i'm just sending the msg to ppl who understand what i write.

buttercup said...

and and, MyKy, you didn't read in between the lines. If you still don't get it, forget it. When the time come, you'll understand.

loon said...

i dont understand... gutter is a porn site? wtf?

where can i get info on what you are talking about?

buttercup said...

yes and no. it's a place where you can collect some information that some ppl trying to hide. if i'm not mistaken. but the site will move again when the host is ready.

MyKy said...

wrong analogy is wrong. period.

freedom of speech is not absolute, that is what i believe.

not a gutter-reader, but things in internet are a bit dangerous to follow too closely.

just for fun, maybe u should read masterdedah. stupid BN cybertrooper site :x

think it's blogspot, try google.

buttercup said...

z~ nvm nvm... you know when the time come. this is all i can say.

MyKy said...

sigh kenny, u'll have to learn on how to deliver your idea to ppl and express your opinion la.

simply by saying that does not put u in a higher moral ground.

And i felt annoyed too, as though just because u're our there working, u think u're more experienced and knowledgeable.

I'm annoyed? Yes i am. because ideas like this; Freedom of speech, is very crucial and its meaning must not be perverted.

Study more on what is liberal democracy and you'll know how important is freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of press.

The very least u can do now is to please remove that analogy/metaphor. It really is against the idea of freedom of speech. The other side of your entry, i can somewhat agree, but that analogy, no.

I'm trying to be non-flaming here kenny, because we're friends.

If u still think the analogy applies, at least pls give some argument to support it.


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