Monday, April 13, 2009

Long Awaited PinKy Post!

Howdy partners! Now let the long awaited Pinky post begin!

On last Saturday after PC Fair(Oh, this one does remind you guys where's the pictures of those chicks heh? Too bad, I did not have the time to snap so, I DID NOT bring my camera, sorry guys.), we had a 3P Birthday Celebration at DaiTou Restaurant. Now, namely the 3P, Wei Chun, Chia Wuen, and me!

1. Steamboat

2. Evelyn

3. Ray

4. Wei Chun

5. Dr Tai

6. Shwu Woan

7. Anne

8. Mei Sze

9. Mei Sze & XinYi


11. Chia Wuen


13. Chuee Leng & Wing Sheng













Now, here comes the story of PinKy. *Deeeeeep breathe*.

I noticed this waitress in the restaurant. She always has a smile on her face and, I thought, "Girls that work at this kind of places, majority will be a very good wife and mother. And I like her smile".

And I believed I "ter-repeat" it too many times, and, my friends were waiting for chances. So the cake was brought out. They called out PinKy.

"Hey, our friend wants to take picture with you", while pointing at me.

O.o!!! OMFG! Since when I say?

"Okay", she said. O.O!!
So, I took a picture with her. Towards the end again.... when we are about to pay the bill, she served us again. Suddenly....
"He wants your Facebook."
"..And phone number..."
"and email address." O.O!!!!!
If I'm not mistaken, I think I actually heard the following sentense...
"He didn't ask me also." O.O!!
Frankly speaking, I was a bit nervous that time. Because, I'm totally not prepared for all the teasings and "helps" from my friend. I took out my name card, and I told her to send to me her contacts. How stupid am I. During that night. I did not sleep well. I kept on waiting. I woke up in intervals between my sleep. I got nothing from PinKy. But, I really appreciate what she did. She also allow my friends to tease her and still, she has the smile on her face. She's one kind girl.

26. Thanks to PinKy who helped to take this pic!

27. PinKy~

p/s: Pinky~ thanks for crossing once in my life. Good luck ahead!


Wen-Dick said...

Finally..... The pinky post..
AW.... No worries... Go back the restaurant...
Ask back her....
Are you available?
If not I would like to date you out?
Can you please give me your contacts?
And wala!

Anyway, happy birthday!!! to all who is related...

AND GAM BA TEH la kenny...

hwang said...

akhernya, long awaited post...
pinky not so pretty in photo leh
by the way, u r actually double the size of pinky ><" time to cut down some weight before u frighten other girls

gypsy-on-the-move said...

OY! BAKA des ne!!! Take her number and ask her out!!! Takkan lah she has to be the one to call you!!!
OMG! Kenny ahhhh....swear to God you go back and take her number. BLAH!

Samuel said...

yala! ask her no., email, address, hobbies, bla bla bla.. on the spot ma.......

hahaha sounded like a future potential stalker like tat if really ask those things on the spot...

but at least take number la XD

Anonymous said...

pinky cause she wore pink or her name is pinky? >.>

King Chow said...

Pic 27: and Pinky got husband and wife look wo!

Esther said...

omg at #21. kenny, the pose? srly what were u thinking?! hahaha.

happy belated birthday!!

buttercup said...

my balls not as big as you la. hahaha!

Dr Tai:

Hontoni gomen nasai ne~ >.< sigh... I was not well prepared.

Because she wore pink. I don't even know her name >.< sad rite?

wah liu~ dai lou. dun la play me like this! T_T

i was trying to act cute and bond-ish. LOL! jk la. i dunno wat to pose ma. so just pose lo. thanks!

AlbertBishop said...

KENNY! DON LET HER SLIP OUT OF YOUR HAND! go back to the rest and ask her out!
Its better to do it than never do it at all!!
U'll regret not having the guts to do it.

But one thing though, keep it slow at first!
cant wait to see u "in a relationship" hahahah

buttercup fansi said...

ahahahahahaah!! whole nite din sleep and waiting for her sms...hahaha
dun expect too much la!!..happy den enuf..haha=)
by the way..u must be brave den oni can get a gf eh...
Take ur BALLS out bro!!

MyKy said...

>>Esther: *high five*

Nah, i bet my gundams Kenny kenot wan.

Wah ka ka ka.

But i think if kenny was to find his partner, it's worthy to dump all my gundams away.....

.....for 1 day in the cupboard

buttercup said...

hahaha... i sincerely thank you for that wish, haha.. i wish i can too. hmmm.. perhaps i should go again. lol! and seeing ur comment gave me a certain kind of pumps! lol!

buttercup fansi:
see lo.. ppl scared jor. hahaha.

hmmm.. "for 1 day" means taht you're worried that i might have the probability to do it huh? hahaha.. well.. seriously, i might. hahahahah! god knows!

marccus said...

Must not miss her in your life.
Go for her!! XD

Më| §zë said...


duo said...

gogo get to know her name and her hp first! dun wait till she is with some other guy! / Rei said...

lol *faint*

MyKy said...

first, u'll have to get some balss.
second, go on a diet

duo said...

Myky, i think the diet part must wait first. better go book her first if not after buttercup diet dy but she got someone else ma no point right? lol

chiyarlock said...

kenny.....I was waiting for your photos of the hot chicks in pc fair (TT_TT").....sob....

anyway pinky looks cute de. visit the restaurant next time and ask her tis time ^^ All the best.

nylus said...

kam tou tak? -_-

buttercup said...

hahaha.. no balls.. scared la me.. hahaha!


haha.. tok very big wo.. lol! u faster go kao 1 also. haha!


good plan! will KIV. lol!

Chiyar Lock:
not i dowan to take pictures de.. really T___T due to unforeseen circumstances, I did not manage to get my camera there cos i know there's not enough time d. but worry not, this pc fair kinda sad. not too many showgirls/showguys. so... no need too sad la. haha.

why not?haha!

duo said...

if i have the chance like urs i will definitely go for it dy >.<

MyKy said...

>>Duo: ya la. I suggested him to get some balls first ma! XD

If he no balls he can borrow mine, i'll ask pinky out

buttercup said...

haha.. ya rite. we'll get your jessica!

hahahaha.... no i must not let you this animal to get near to her!! hahaha!

duo said...

swt who is that? i go steal ur pinky better. tat wan leave it to u ba haha

MyKy said...

wtf u calling me animal? facepalm.jpg

buttercup said...

hahah..steal lo if you can...haha.

lol! faggotree.jpg

Riko said...

Go for her Kenny!!!

If not u will regret!

No harm juz asking her out for coffee/tea/etc *wink, wink*

To Kenny's frens who "helped" him out: YEAH!! XD I would have done the same thing if i were there ;)

buttercup said...

aaaaa!!! haha! you bad gal also haha. but but... never mind la. ppl dowan to choi me also. haha.

Riko said...


U never ask ppl how u know?

Dun jump to conclusions ler

buttercup said...

she's just a kid. haha. i know.

Anonymous said...

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