Saturday, May 02, 2009

Star Trek Premiere with AMBP

Invited by Chia Hur to join the Star Trek Premiere organised by TheStarOnline, RedFM, AMBP, and of course, GSC!!! Also, jointly organised by Gophers GPS system and Engage! Enterprise for the treasure hunt event.

OMG you know? Star Trek Premiere!!! Haha! For the first time, I got to be among the firsts in the world to watch a premiere, furthermore, it's a Star Trek Premiere! Muahahahahahahah! Let's go back to the beginning ya!

1. My Star Trek Premiere Pass!

2. After everyone's in place, the RedFM crew starts the event

3. Mr Michael

4. Some of the bloggers/participants

5. Even the carterer's a Star Trek supporter!

6. We even got a special dish form the Vulcan!

7. Participants having a refreshment

8. RedFM crew: "What is it?"
We: "Weeeeeeeeeeeee~"

9. Gophers does their GPS introduction

10. Another Mr Michael form Engage! Enterprise briefs us the treasure hunt. It's my first time participating in treasure hunt! It's fun!

11.The rules and regulations


Then the treasure hunt begins! I had Michael as my partner and he came up with brilliant ideas during the treasure hunt!

13. After the treasure hunt, with Michael on the left

14. Zhao

15. Alric, Khai Sim and Mr Bin. Really. His name is Bin.

After grabbing some drinks, we went back to the dock and this trivia contest was going on. Many many many people participated, but in the end, only 2 person left. They are...

16. Raj

17. And James

These two fellars really hardcore Star Trek fans! Just call them Star-Trek-Knows-it-all!

18. James in deep thoughts after hearing a question that was addressed to Raj

They sometimes even answer the question before the RedFM crew actually finish reading them! I'm really impressed!

19. "OoooooooOOOOooooo~ I won!!"

20. Raj and James exchanging excitement

21. L to R: Patricia(3rd Place), James and Raj

22. The the prize presentation for treasure hunt. The first prize was the Gophers GPS product

Right after the prize presentation, we all rushed down to GSC. OMG I was so excited! HAha! Because it's the first time I'm at a premiere! I'm AMONG THE FIRSTS IN THE WORLD to watch STAR TREK! And the security is SERIOUSLY DAMN TIGHT! We were not even allowed to bring out handphones/cameras in. Beat that!

Spoiler Alert!!

Compared to the Star Trek series, this time they really make it POWDERFUL! I'm very impressed with the graphics, great story line! And how the Romulans... "Ouch!!"

Okay okay.. I shut my gap!! I just tell you this. MUST. WATCH. IN. CINEMA! Damn nice! I give a rating of 8.5/10!

After we came out from the cinema, I spotted a gang of people. They were from the X-Men.

23. Wolverine and dunno-who. LOL! I haven't watch it yet! I'm gonna watch this on Monday! XDXD!

Last but not least, thanks again to Chia Hur for that opportunity!


BernardC said...

Since u watched oledi, where got spoiler liao

buttercup said...

hahaha! your readers haven't watch ma. lol!

MyKy said...



buttercup said...

LOL!! the moment i saw him, i immediately remember the facepalm.jpg! LOL!

just taht.. dowan la.. later ppl see his face in LYN all facepalm.jpg. lol!

Binn said...

nice post dude!!!! your pictures on my blog too!!!

nyak nyak~~

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