Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Business Trip To Manila

Finally I have some time to post on what happened last week! As many of you knew, I went to the Republic of Philippines(RP) for business trip. Before I flew to RP, I actually flew to Kota Kinabalu (KK) first to settle some things with my boss there before leaving to RP.

1. The only picture taken of scenery in KK in a bumpy ride

Now, I went to KK for 6 hours. One hour, we went out for lunch, the other hour at customer's place, and the rest of the 4 hours, we sat at the airport to wait for the flight to RP.

So, while waiting and doing nothing, I shot something to syok sendiri and trying to kill the boredom.

2. I took the Cebu Pacific Airlines to RP



Finally, the plane was there. Moved on to the next day. We were at the event called Philippines Society for Microbiology(PSM, not PMS!) and set up our booth. As usual, our products always gained pretty huge attention, and it NEVER FAILED to make people feel impressed.

5. A customer enquiring about something

6. Microbiologists of Philippines registering their name before entering the main hall

Something that is very different of culture in RP and Malaysia is that, for example, their PSM, they actually hired entertainers like the picture below to entertain the crowd,


And, they actually had a small dance floor after the PSM finished! Unlike Malaysia's one, after finish, they'll tapao some leftover food, then head back to hotel/home straight.

Life's pretty much differ when the culture is different huh?

8. One of the sunset taken from my hotel room

9. They have one of the best sunsets I had ever seen

10. This is the lunch provided by the Hyatt Hotel to the distributors with the products I'm selling at the background

11. I can't resist myself not to take picture. Does this look delicious to you?

12. Dessert, cheesecake with mango slices on top of it, with some strawberry sauce and ice-cream

13. The last picture taken in Manila, sunset at the airport

In sight:
Now, giving you a litle bit of in sight of how Philippines is like, for those who had never been there. Day and night is very different, oh well, night, the night life, you-know-what.

The special thing in Manila is that, you see security guards EVERYWHERE. And, their security guards are totally different of those we had in Malaysia. Their security guards are fit and tough, and everyone is well equipped with, either a revolver, shotgun, or even M-16!!

Just imagine a normal 7-11 have a security guard! THAT, doesn't means that Manila is not safe. It is safer than I thought actually. Who dare to simply rob someone on the streets when security guards with weapons are all over the place? In Malaysia is different. The Mat Rempits aka robbers aka snatch thieves aka rapists are EVERYWHERE while the guards, have a fucking big belly or even worse, a 60-year-old grandfather as a security guards. You will NEVER see that in RP.

The other thing, also security related, whoever visits the shopping mall, will have to be checked at the security checkpoint
(inclusive your bags, handbags, bla bla bla) then only you're allowed to enter the premis. So is the 5-star hotel like Hyatt.

That's all for now. Hopefully the next time I go, I will be able to have time to walk around and really really, enjoy the local lifestyle.

p/s: OMG I love Philippines girls! They are really really soft-spoken, and really really nice to talk to. Ahhh~


MyKy said...

Walao... maybe cos the situation at Manila quite chaotic due to political instability. But that was last time though.. guess it's better now.

But hey, it's good right, better than in mareshia. U read the news the drug addict killed a mum, a 5-yo kid and a maid? it's insane.....

buttercup said...

ahaha.. it's much better now. really.

oh ya i read that too. and another one today, mom forces daughter to have sex with drug dealers to get drug. =.=

Nicole said...

I LOL-ed about your Philippine girls comment. Too bad you didn't have time to explore Manila. I didn't know you're a photographer! I love your pictures!! :) Twas really nice sitting next to you on the flight to KL.

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