Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tight Schedule

A lil' bit of update.

This coming Saturday night got a wedding dinner photoshoot, and followed by a flashy session with a few sifus from Alphanatics. Hopefully I get to find the place to go these places without getting lost!

Next up is next Wednesday, I'll be flying over to Kota Kinabalu FOR THE FIRST TIME, and then, from there I fly to Manila (the Philipines) FOR THE FIRST TIME TOO! Of course, these are work related. There's no swine flu there, rite?

If everything goes well, I might have a chance to do another cosplay photoshooting in 5 hours' time right after I touch down. IF, I have the time and strength. I might have another shooting again in the end of May.

So, you see, fully booked again. Haha! Let's do it!

p/s: 4 photoshooting sessions and work. OMG!


OnLyDa said...

must take good care of yourself kay!
good luck! :)

buttercup said...

wah.. so nice of you... *touched*


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

haha, good for you, but dont overdo urself ar ;p

Wish u have a good trip!

Riku_sien said...

LOL...kenny..if the photoshoot canot then nvm la..
dun wan later you pengsan..hahaha...

enjoy your manila trip..!!

buttercup said...

haha! thanks!

hahaha... i try to go la..and i hope i got time to even snap a picture or 2 when i go there! T___T the schedule boss gave me macam tight sangat. T__T

Wen-Dick said...

LOL! Riku and I have the same thoughts...
See Kenny, I told you earlier...
This is just a reminder... Get me something or be sarcasm teruk + teruk x3.
Hahah! I want gifts!!!

Ok here comes my sincere part.. (Don't be touch) I am not a sentimental value guy anyhow or so!
Take care.. Don't fall sick as I still need a sarcasm target..
I will miss the "Dick, Zzz!" LOL!

Second, Swine flu mostly spread through air and mostly to "Mat Salleh"
So, be sure to wear a mask... As Manila is quite a polluted city. Wearing mask all time is a must. (Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to let you cry, or either care for you, I just want to see you in the near future and sarcasm you somemore. You know la, that's my hobby geh!! =P)

Third, please update your freaken blog~~ If not I cannot sarcasm dy..

buttercup said...

hahaha.. i dunno to laugh or to cry. lol! will see la what i can d.

Wen-Dick said...

Dick with his superb lame and stunning comments again! LOL!~~~

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