Thursday, May 28, 2009

KIA's New Lorry

I was talking kok with Rojak Wingz last night over the MSN and we ended up in this conversation below:

Quoted from Wingz:

"Then we started toking kok and derno how suddenly toking about if he working for nike he can get USD25k per month ... this is the rest of the conver :

Buttercup : me go work for China Nike will get 25k usd also la!
Wingz : kaka ur face nike see also pukes la
Buttercup : me not spokeperson ma not manyjer
Wingz : Yala! if nike hire u means their equipment beh power la.
Buttercup : Why?
Wingz : Bcoz use ledi will bekam feijai like u kakakaka!!!
Buttercup : KAKAKAKAKAKA then i bekam the spokeperson for KIA la!
Wingz : KIA? Why KIA?
Buttercup : KIA? lol! cos KIA got sell Lorry ma.. if their lorry can carry me then that means good Lorry la!
Wingz : KAKAKAKAKA then KIA kena rebrand and change the name of their lorry ledi wor ....
Buttercup : Change to what?
Wingz : Change to TUAHpui KIA!!!
Buttercup : WTF!! LOL!! KNN nice joke!


Hahahaha! damn funny can?

p/s: Thanks Wingz. You have been great!

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