Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Hubby/BF For Shopping!

Now, here's a good reason why one SHALL NOT drag her husband/boyfriend to shop if they are highly disinterest.

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iriene said...

It reminds me of Mr. Bean.
Tks for sharing, I really enjoy reading it. I had clicked on your KFC ads but what u shared is worth much more than that. Big Thanks!

H@n W31 said...

lol.. that guy is such an idiot..

Jemsen said...

This man really know how to kill his time but poor him being banned... he shld join some comedy act / producer of "u r in Candid Camera".. then he will be appreciated and famous like Mr. Bean...

James said...

He is worse than Mr. Bean but he is full of ideas ... too bad - used at wrong place! Lol

Wen-Dick said...

*Thumbs up*
Love it very much.
Although a lot of ladies must be having a hard time right now.

buttercup said...

hey hey! thanks for dropping by! am glad that I get to share something people interested in! haha!

han wei:
he must be really bored. lol!

lol... i think his wife will let him go out play the next time d. or, chain him. haha!

hahaha! and i like the "hey there's no toilet paper here!" ahha!

yeah they must be! lol!

hwuezuin said...

hahahaha...this is super funny...
is this true story or wat?..hahaha

buttercup said...

haha.. err.. i supposed so. it seems to be a newspaper cutting. haha.

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