Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I digged out RM810.00. I paid her.

I got my VG-B30AM, Sony Vertical Grip for A350, and two 8GB Kingston 133x CF card.

I'm UPGRADED. Muahahahahahah!

Now, I still getting used to the vertical grip. Getting handier everytime I hold it. Now, the CF card. I realised that 8GB's CF card seems to be loading kinda slow. Is it because of the size, or the body problem? I think I put my bet on the body. Cos' Albert's A900 is using 32GB CF card and it performs just fine.

Next up, lenses.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Taekwondo MSSD 2009, Klang

Last Saturday I went back to Klang to helped out with the Taekwondo MSSD. Saw some good talent there. Good to know. But of course, standard seems to have dropped a little compared to last time.

Let's proceed to the pictures!


2. Master Teh giving his motivation

3. My sister Cherry won 2 rounds. Unexpected!

4. Some people no need to stand on ground to fight one

5. Eat my chopping kick!

6. Nazi the new generation

7. Mom, sister and Yvone

8. and Tart with his "ngong ngong" face

9. Gorilla Kwan doing his thing.

10. ooolala.. i love this backswing!

11. See her happy face!


p/s: Shooting under that kind of condition really not easy. Lighting not really enough. Push the ISO so high but still... shutter speed kacau.

Photoshooting @ Taman Bukit Jalil

Thanks to Wingz from Rojakz organised the shooting, tagged along with Sifu Albert, Yiau and Jason to Taman Bukit Jalil.

Earlier that day...

"Wingz ar... which entrance of Bukit Jalil to go in wo?", it was 7am by then, outside Stadium Bukit Jalil.

"No la, not that Bukit Jalil la, the other one!", Wingz said. Then only I knew, not only that I'm TOO early, but I also got the wrong place. Haha.

Back to the story. So, all of us gathered at Taman Bukit Jalil and start scouting where to shoot. It's a big park ya know. With a misleading "TANDAS" signboard.

1: Lead the way!

2: Sifu Albert doing stretching before shooting

3: Wingz having a puff

4: Yiau(hopefully I did not spelt his name wrongly)

5: And Jason with his big gun!

6: Oh, we noticed this weird flower too!


8: And I like the stone carving at "Peru"

9: "Support"

10: "Fenced"

11: "Spring"

12: The misleading toilet sign that lead us to no where

13: Jess


15: Wireless flash taught by Albert. I need to improve more! And this is fun ya know?

16: Hindustan style








24: Jess taking a break looking at pictures

25: Sifus at work





Again, thanks to Wingz who organised that trip, and learnt alot from Albert too! Thanks to the both of you! Oh ya, and Jess!

p/s: Majority of the pics were shot using the Minolta 50mm on Sony Alpha 350.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


It reads, "If I'm not the one who enter the Hell, who else it would be?".

So as you can see, leader is not something that is easy to be. It will be easy, if you're those who don't give a damn about things but for me, it's a no no.

You'll first, need to set the rules, then carry it out, and make sure your people follow it. You give them the freedom to practice whatever, but when things go wrong, you need to take over.

I hate this part right here. Being the bad people. Bad bad bad. What choice do I have? It's okay. Not the first time I'm a bad people, rite MyKy?


To those who don't know me, continue to bitch about it, and hopefully, by God's grace, you'll learn who am I in the future. Don't mess with me when things get chaotic.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lappie's Back. Exttie Died. T______T

Aloha my readers!

First of all, my sincere apology. I must have made you guys worried about me for MIA for so long. *Muahahah!* My bad.

Now, my lappie's finally back. Totally like a newborn. It has NOTHING in it. All my major softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom... all gone. T________T.

That, is not the hard part. The hard part is, ALL MY SETUP FILES in my friggin' external hard disk also gone!!! WTF WTF WTF?!!? T_________________________T

Sigh. Now my external hard disk got problem. IF, I really can't recover my external hard disk, this means that, I'm going to lose tonnes of my photos aka PORTFOLIO! I'm so damn sad now.

Help. Anyone? T___T

p/s: I have got a photoshooting this coming Sunday, and a wedding photoshooting on the 9th May!! OMFG! How how how?!!?!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Long Awaited PinKy Post!

Howdy partners! Now let the long awaited Pinky post begin!

On last Saturday after PC Fair(Oh, this one does remind you guys where's the pictures of those chicks heh? Too bad, I did not have the time to snap so, I DID NOT bring my camera, sorry guys.), we had a 3P Birthday Celebration at DaiTou Restaurant. Now, namely the 3P, Wei Chun, Chia Wuen, and me!

1. Steamboat

2. Evelyn

3. Ray

4. Wei Chun

5. Dr Tai

6. Shwu Woan

7. Anne

8. Mei Sze

9. Mei Sze & XinYi


11. Chia Wuen


13. Chuee Leng & Wing Sheng













Now, here comes the story of PinKy. *Deeeeeep breathe*.

I noticed this waitress in the restaurant. She always has a smile on her face and, I thought, "Girls that work at this kind of places, majority will be a very good wife and mother. And I like her smile".

And I believed I "ter-repeat" it too many times, and, my friends were waiting for chances. So the cake was brought out. They called out PinKy.

"Hey, our friend wants to take picture with you", while pointing at me.

O.o!!! OMFG! Since when I say?

"Okay", she said. O.O!!
So, I took a picture with her. Towards the end again.... when we are about to pay the bill, she served us again. Suddenly....
"He wants your Facebook."
"..And phone number..."
"and email address." O.O!!!!!
If I'm not mistaken, I think I actually heard the following sentense...
"He didn't ask me also." O.O!!
Frankly speaking, I was a bit nervous that time. Because, I'm totally not prepared for all the teasings and "helps" from my friend. I took out my name card, and I told her to send to me her contacts. How stupid am I. During that night. I did not sleep well. I kept on waiting. I woke up in intervals between my sleep. I got nothing from PinKy. But, I really appreciate what she did. She also allow my friends to tease her and still, she has the smile on her face. She's one kind girl.

26. Thanks to PinKy who helped to take this pic!

27. PinKy~

p/s: Pinky~ thanks for crossing once in my life. Good luck ahead!
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