Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mission Impossible 4: UTAR's Exam

Well, I bet Tom Cruise will have problem in that too, despite him being so intelligent.

Perhaps our Malaysian Tomm Kruise can accomplish that mission on behalf of Tom Cruise. Seriously, UTAR examinations, seriously I would say, somehow much tougher than those in STPM.

UTAR is pro at giving its students stressful whole year and a lucky 3-month-break (only applicable to Faculty of Engineering and Science students, the rest like BA, Social Science all will have stress throughout the whole year, totally free of charge).

YOU-Tak-Ada-Rehat's fee is among the lowest in all the private U in Malaysia. Of course, they come in packages. Choose carefully when you enter to UTAR. Choose either you stress like mad dogs in 9 months and get a 3-month break OR stress out the whole year with only 3-week break as intervals like a mad cow.

UTAR, indeed a place to nurture future Einstein and Frankenstein( I don't know how to spell!! @.@!!).

UTARians Boleh! You-Tak-Ada-Rehat Boleh! Universiti-Tak-Ada-Rehat BOLEH!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: I'd like to see how well Tom can do in UTAR's Exam. Directors, anyone?


andrew said...

for my time there, the longest i had was only 2 weeks break.

ching said...

wei.. u talk about UTAR, dean x find u meh?my frenz kena liao le..
he also say about UTAR then dean wanna met him but he din go.
anyway, i agree wit wat u say..
UTAR really no rest...especially the exam.. stress until wanna die..

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